Mountain Magic

7 continents, 7 summits! It doesn’t get more adventurous than this! This is what Samina Baig, the first Pakistani woman who scaled Mount Everest at the age of 21, set out to do. Samina, just 23 years old, achieved this incredible feat in just under 8 months....more

Deer Hunting is not just about hunting

This weekend is the beginning of gun deer season here in Wisconsin. Yes, I'm one of those people who goes out and "kills Bambi" as the anti-hunters put it. Last year, I did not get any deer. It didn't bother me too bad as that is only part of my hunting experience. Yes, getting a deer is only part of it.I enjoy the outdoors as well. Sitting out in nature completely still in silence is a different experience if you've never tried. You hear everything. It is so quiet. It is relaxing and calming....more
I'd go fishing with my father and brother when I was younger.  I didn't mind those times when ...more

Make a Date With Nature

You're Seriously Passing Now?? #NaBloPoMo

Fair warning: a rant may be forthcoming. Hardly a day goes by where some insane person decides passing a car on the road right next to where we’re walking is a stellar idea. We give cars a wide berth where we walk because there are no sidewalks and oftentimes no bike lanes either. In some places along the road, you’re either on the road, or in the ditch. So we try to be seen and let them know we see them....more

Six Reasons Losing Can Be Better Than Winning

We live in an achievement-oriented society: Children who score higher on tests get better grades and honor roll certificates. Drivers who avoid accidents pay lower insurance rates. Professionals with more degrees get promoted and earn higher wages. We don't often get awards for working hard and coming up short, especially after we are adults. But if we all got accolades for effort, we might accomplish more as a society -- because we'd all be willing to take more chances and give 110% despite the likelihood of public failure and humiliation....more

Sports Schadenfreude: Why I Was Genuinely Happy the Mets Lost the World Series

If you aren't a sports fan, it's difficult to understand the pain that comes with your team losing. I know many people who respond to my emotional ties to sports with platitudes like "It's just a game!" or "How can you support spoiled, rich men who play a game?" I bring this up because the World Series has ended. The Kansas City Royals, who lost the 2014 World Series in a gut punch of a Game Seven, beat the New York Mets (who hadn't been to the World Series since 2000) in five games. ...more

5 Sports Legends You Probably Didn't Know have a Learning Difference

Lazy. Dumb. Bad. Stupid.If this is how your kid sees himself, it may take years to repair this damage and convince them otherwise.Kids with Learning Differences (L.D.) are more likely to struggle socially and with their own sense of self-worth than peers who are traditional learners. ...more

A Letter to the 18-Year-Old Daughter I Haven't Met Yet

I am a proud alumni of the University of Louisville. If you weren't familiar with it before October 2015, I'm sure you are by this point. And unfortunately, what you may associate with the University of Louisville is not something very positive. My Alma Mater has gained national attention because of a huge sex scandal dealing with our basketball team and a mother/daughter trio of sorts....more

Why Geocaching Will Make You Question Everything

Follow my blog with Bloglovin! You can mention "geocaching" to just about anyone, and some people will have heard of it (some will even have done it). A lot haven't heard of it, but are intrigued when you explain what it is. I first heard about geocaching roughly a year ago, from a coworker who had just done it for the first time with her then-boyfriend. That almost sounds dirty, right? It can be! Let me explain: ...more