3 Ways a Running Buddy Will Change Your Workout

Editor's note: As someone who runs solo, I've always wondered what it would be like to have a running partner. Would their presence push my workout to new heights, or drag me down? Would I appreciate having someone to chat with, or get annoyed listening to their heavy breathing? When Melissa's husband proposed joining her on her runs, she wasn't sure how she'd react. Now, she's thrilled to have him along, and here's one reason why. – Judy ...more
I agree, Running buddies def. push you harder than you would alone!more

A Tale of Two Soccer Games

(Editor's Note: This weekend was packed with big league play-offs. Both the NBA and the NHL are winnowing the field of teams in a battle for the championship. While the pro teams get all the press, the pure joy of sports is most readily found on makeshift fields and in parks across the country. In this post, InspiredRD chronicles the last game of her kids' soccer season and the pictures tell quite a story. ~Jane)...more

Kentucky Derby Pie with Bourbon Whipped Cream

Editor’s note: The Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and for many of us, that gives us an excuse to don a fancy hat and drink a mint julep. This year, I’m going to make this Kentucky Derby Pie from Stephanie at Plain Chicken. With a dollop of bourbon whipped cream on top and all. --Jane ...more

Quit Complaining, Soccer Moms! You Don't Know How Good You Have It!

Hey Soccer Moms, listen up! Are you listening? Hey, all you NT soccer moms out there, we (the special needs parents) are jealous! Yes, you read that right. We are jealous, annoyed, maybe even a bit pissed off! Why you ask? Well, have a seat, let me explain! We are jealous because while you have to juggle your kids to different sporting events or juggle birthday parties, play dates, coffee dates, maybe even mani/pedi salon days, or dare I say it, DATE NIGHT with your significant others, we don't get to do this....more
@BronwynPeverill I love this! I couldn't agree more! I don't dare mention how I couldn't sleep ...more

Jason Collins is Gay? One Thing Every Sports Fan Should Do

For weeks the media has been a buzz with rumors of a big time professional athlete coming out of the closet. Yesterday, the news flashing across our screens was Jason Collins on the front page of this week’s Sports Illustrated....more

Why Is NBA Player Jason Collins Coming Out Such a Big Deal?

“I’m a 34-year-old NBA center. I’m black. And I’m gay.” With these three short sentences, Jason Collins became the first active male player in any of the big four of American sports —baseball, hockey, basketball, and football—to come out....more
This is huge. As a mom of teens, I'm telling you, this is a big one.  I cannot overstate how ...more

ESPN: The Size of a Dog is NOT Indicative of a Man's Penis Size

During last week's Lakers game the ESPN commentators could not stop   wailing about the tragedy that Kobe Bryant was seen in this photo with a little dog. They ranted, wept and prayed for someone to "say it isn't so" that such a "macho" guy would have a lap dog. They lamented that any dog that could be "cradled" in one's arms was not an acceptable companion for such a man as Kobe.Kobe Bryant image via Instagram...more
All the more reason that I stopped watching ESPN.more

10 Tips for Postpartum Running

I didn't run much when I was pregnant (was more of a swimmer which is also a great pregnancy workout) but it seems I have at least six friends who are now pregnant, or have recently had babies, who are determined to run right through this phase in their lives. For those ladies (and countless others), here are some specific tips from Running Peanut for postpartum running. ~js...more

Homemade Protein Powder (It’s Cheap & Easy)

[Editor's Note: Like Cassie, from Back to Her Roots, I have a hard time finding protein powder that I like (and protein bars for that matter). Tired of the questionable taste, price and texture, Cassie took matters into her own hands and perfected a homemade version of protein powder that's cheap AND easy! ~js] ...more
wow! I have to try that!more

Boston Was Horrific for the Running Community. But We Will Still Run.

The lessons running teaches us are too powerful. The places running takes us are too great. And the things that we draw from life through the power of our stride, is more powerful than any explosion meant to stop us as runners, or our families, from continuing on as people. ...more
If you have any trouble sharing this with children, we posted our News-O-Matic article on this ...more