Thoughts on Coming Home to Boston

On Thursday afternoon I popped outside for my lunch break and walked around Copley, like I always do. Only that day, the excitement in the air over the upcoming marathon was palpable. Workers were busy erecting bleacher seating and the medical tent in front of the BPL, and I noticed that many of the storefronts had marathon themes. And honestly, there was just something so beautiful about it all; it sort of touched me. I felt a little silly, but I started snapping pictures up and down Boylston Street....more
Hi, I hope you will join and make a memorial sign for Martin today.  Here is more information on ...more

Explosions at the Boston Marathon: Our Hearts Go Out to Runners, Families

Updated: FBI seeks photos and video from the explosion at the Boston Marathon....more
Hi, let's remember Martin. He was a simple little boy with a big message. Make your own sign ...more

Running Pregnant: Best-of List That Makes Running Comical

Running while pregnant has been an adventure, to say the least. Or maybe a comedy of errors.Throughout my long non-pregnant life, I had a few iterations of how I imagined pregnancy would be. One of those images was, of course, taking it totally easy during pregnancy. Perhaps not running at all. At the very least, taking any runs super easy. Another iteration involved continuing to run at exactly the same pace and effort, slowing down only as a growing belly made things increasingly more awkward....more
i ran a half marathon at five months. I was very lucky though - I missed or got only a minor ...more

Teaching & Learning Lessons at a Middle School Basketball Game

I thought about all the times I had to remind the boys that life isn’t 100% exactly equal and you get what you get and you don’t get upset: with the box of donuts (invariably someone would think “he got the bigger one,” or “he touched the one I wanted”); there are three of them but only one of me (“you’ll have to wait your turn” and “no, I am sure your turn is not always last”); and the reason they don’t all have the same amount of homework is that they are in different grades “but it was the same when you were in that grade” (“okay, you’re right, I am sure it is not exactly the same since you had different teachers”)....more

Reasons to Run: Inspirational Stories From the Start Line

Ten years ago Sally lost her husband shortly after they were married. With her friend Lisa's encouragement, running has given Sally a second chance at life. Sally truly believes she wouldn't have survived without running. It was therapuetic on a multitude of levels. She put one foot in front of the other until she could run a mile, and then five miles, and then ten and finally a marathon.Watch this video, part of a web series produced by DICK's Sporting Goods, to see what a profound difference running can make in people's lives. Maybe have a Kleenex handy....more
I had no idea about this post and minutes before I saw it, I posted on FB that a tough work-out ...more

Not Just for Pros: Steroid Use Among Girls

Sports fans know that many sports, at varying times and frequencies, are plagued by the use of steroids.  Steroid scandal has hit professional athletes in track and field, baseball, cycling and gymnastics (to name a few).  While the use of steroids in professional sports is disturbing, of particular concern is the use of steroids in young girls. Syringes via shutterstock...more

MLB Opening Day Like Christmas in Spring

Most baseball fans believe that Opening Day should be a national holiday. Typically taking place the first week of April, the first official day of the baseball season serves as a symbol of rebirth.  Many feel that the occasion represents a newness or a chance to forget last season, in that the 30 major league clubs and their millions of fans begin with 0–0 records....more
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Griner and Baylor Stunned: Who Says Women's Basketball Isn't Exciting?

Wow. Talk about March Madness. On the last day of the month, comes the biggest surprise of all. Baylor, the defending NCAA champions, upset by fifth-seeded Louisville. The Cardinals were picked in many brackets to win the national title - but on the men's side (before Kevin Ware's horrific injury). No one thought the women would survive the regional semi-final....more

It's True: There Are Two Kinds of People in the World

 I’ve never liked the phrase, “There are two kinds of people in the world,” but when it comes to sports, I suspect it’s true.  There are jocks and non-jocks, and I’m definitely one of the latter.So when a couple of women on my husband’s rec league softball team canceled at the last minute and he asked me to fill in, I was not enthused.  As a kid I was always the “last pick,” and the idea of getting out on that field filled me with painful memories.  To make things even worse - I had no softball costume to wear....more

Backlash from Tiger Woods 'Winning Takes Care of Everything' Ad

Nike is causing a media firestorm with its latest ad showing a picture of Tiger Woods with the tagline, “Winning takes care of everything,” a phrase he often uses with reporters when asked about his ranking....more
BlogHer IMO, "character" takes care of everything and makes you a winner in the ways that ...more