Serena Williams Back on the Tennis Court in Style

Thirteen-time Grand Slam singles champion Serena Williams is back on the tennis court following a series of health-related setbacks, including blood clots in her lung. The former No. 1-ranked player has not played an official match since she won the title at Wimbledon in July. But it wasn’t Serena’s appearance on the practice court on Tuesday that had fans buzzing -- it was ...more

Who Says Golf is Boring? 2011 Season’s Already Full of Drama

If you think golf is boring, you clearly weren't following the 2011 Masters.Going into the final day in Augusta, Ireland's Rory McIlroy looked like he owned it. He had a four stoke lead going into the final round, but his putting killed him on Sunday. If you want a green jacket you've got to have a long game and a short game.Then it looked like Tiger Woods was going to come up and take the championship from McIlroy. Tiger had a few beautiful shots, but he couldn't bring it home either. After six three putts, Woods ended up tying for fourth place....more

GOLF = Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden sad that in this day and age it's still the same old ...more

Getting to Know Your New WNBA

After a weekend of festivities, media training and photo ops, the WNBA draft was held Monday at the ESPN headquarters in Connecticut. Athletes who have been dreaming of this day since they were young girls dribbling a basketball in the driveway or the school gym were a bundle of nerves waiting for the names to be called. With 12 teams, 11 roster spots and plenty of players returning for the WNBA's 15th season, this year’s rookie class has a lot to prove. So who was selected and where will they play? ...more

Athletic Barbies and Real Women in Sports

As I was reading the latest ESPN The Magazine, I came across a photo spread of athletic Barbie dolls through the years, which got me thinking about shrinking and pinking -- that is, how athletic gear for women is created and portrayed....more

We are on the same page! I started a company called Chicks Play Sports so that girls could have ...more

Run Like a Mother!

On Saturday I ran my third half-marathon. Now, this may not be a big deal for most people but considering I just started running April of last year and I ran my first half marathon in October, it is major for me! When preparing for the Nike Women’s Half-marathon last October, I trained for several months. Like many new runners I injured myself (heck, it can happen to seasoned runners too) and had to take some time off from training. A friend of mine advised me to read the book Run Like a Mother by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea. It was the best advice ever. ...more
Thank you for making me aware of this book, which I have never heard of! I have been running ...more

(STUDY) Findings on Sport Moms and Sport Daughters

So it didn't surprise us that moms were much more likely to be with kids when they visited the doctor for a youth sports injuries. What did surprise us is how many dads were present as well. Out of 989 office visits, dads were at the appointment 44.7% of the time. However, dads are significantly more likely to be at an appointment if it is their son who is injured, irrespective even of a child's age. ...more

What's worth noting as well that a mom was at the office visit for the sports injury (regardless ...more

What it Means to be a Baseball Fan

Growing up in Kansas City, home of Royals baseball, I was always a hometeam fan. I have lived in many cities across this country, and as my husband and I have moved around -- from Texas to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California and back to Kansas -- we have adopted and cheered on many NFL teams, but never another baseball team. In baseball, I have only ever, ever been a Royals fan. ...more
I've been a NY Mets fan for as long as I can remember. I have all sorts of gear. The life of a ...more

Texas A&M Defeats Notre Dame for NCAA Women's Basketball Championship

If you missed the game last night, I hope you can find a replay somewhere. There was no down time. No chance for bathroom breaks -- except when ESPN extended a timeout to interview Texas A&M coach Gary Blair, forgetting that he...doesn't abbreviate his thoughts -- and near the end, there wasn't much chance to breathe either. ...more

Triathlon Training and Nutrition: Lana Bars at Full Throttle

I am almost always hungry.I don't have a tapeworm (at least I don't think I do). What I do have is a triathlon team: the Full Throttle Endurance training team. I haven't been training with them for long, but it's made an impact on me and my appetite....more

Please do keep me updated on your training!

Elana ...more

Baseball Is a Game of Passion

Baseball is an emotional game. I learned that from my grandfather, a Cardinals fan. I like minor league ball. The best game I ever watched was a Triple A league. The players weren’t as polished as the big leaguers, but they had heart. Forget the plush corporate skyboxes and fancy scoreboards. I want baseball with emotion....more

And see some of that real baseball! ;p
I'm a Giants fan and your guys impressed me!

A ...more