Linebacker Manti Te'o Says He Is "Far From Gay"

(Just when you thought the Manti Te'o story couldn't get any more bizarre, the man accused of hoaxing him tells Dr. Phil that he fell “deeply romantically in love” with the Notre Dame linebacker and  was “confused” about his sexuality. Last week, Te'o appeared on the Katie Couric show and proclaimed that he is "far from gay."   Abby, from What's Left Over, reacts to Te'o's interview in this thoughtful post.  What will be the next twist in this curious tale?  ~js)....more
Why do we care about this stuff when there are other more pressing issues?more

Down Syndrome Didn’t Stop Owen Groesser From Scoring Big

(The U.S. Department of Education announced last week that sports were a civil right and schools must provide opportunities for disabled students to participate. This is a perfect example of why that's a good move. ~js)...more

What Do You Plan To Do On Super Bowl Sunday?

Next Sunday, the 47th annual Super Bowl football game will be telecast live from New Orleans. The San Francisco 49ers will face off against the Baltimore Ravens, as millions of Americans watch, cheer, and nosh on buffalo wings and bean dip. Will you be one of them? This week we want to know what you're planning for Super Bowl Sunday. ...more
I plan to wear my Meesh & Mia Super Bowl XLVII shirt!!

The Run That Wasn't - Learning How To Listen To Your Body

Today's run was supposed to be a long run - 13 miles actually. And when I started out, I had talked myself into doing it. Although when I got up today, I said that I wasn't going to get a long run in this weekend.I'm tired, not over-trained tired, but just tired. First of all, I'm dieting. I know. I know. Dieting and marathon training are not a good combination. As I look over my food log this week, not only have I cut my calories, but I'm not even hitting my 'target' carbs for the diet. So that's one possible solution to my lack of energy....more
Seems like a smart prudent move to me!  Sorry you didn't get your long run in, but health and ...more

Are Sports a Civil Right? Yes Says Obama Administration

In a move reminiscent of Title IX (which provided equal athletic opportunities for women), the U.S. Education Department today issued a similar directive telling schools they must include students with disabilities in sports programs or provide alternative opportunities....more
The right to engage in school activities, yes.more

Painted NFL Serving Dishes

(The Big Game is next weekend - and whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party or attending one, here's a chance to show off your crafty side (if you have one). That's What {Che} Said provides detailed instructions for making your own serving dishes for chips, dips, or whatever. Whether a Ravens or 49ers fan, you can support your team in style. ~js) ...more

Women of the Australian Open: 2013 Version

The first Grand Slam of the season, held each January in Melbourne, is always filled with surprises. Last year, Novak Djokovic and Victoria Azarenka claimed the singles titles. The 2013 event takes place from Jan. 14-27. Meet some of this year's top contenders (as well as underdogs) and let us know who you think will prevail....more

Sports Mom Blues

I dislike sports. The only reason I ever attended a game of any kind was easily attributed to one of several factors:A friend wanted to go.There was a cute guy there I wanted to see.I was in band, so I had to play for the games.My dad took me.My kid is in a sport.Sigh. Enter the gates of hell.Image via shutterstock...more

#CelebrateSarah Foundation Launches on Anniversary of Skier's Death

One year ago this week, freeskiing pioneer and X Games champion Sarah Burke tragically died, at the age of 29, from injuries sustained during a halfpipe training run. Burke was a sports icon, an activist and humanitarian. During her career, she won countless medals, trophies, and championship titles but she will be best remembered for her exhuberance, generosity, and compassion for others. She was bigger than life, which makes her loss all the more difficult to comprehend. ...more

Ravens & Niners Heading to Superbowl XLVII - What You Need to Know

Congratulations to the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, who will meet in Super Bowl XLVII Feb. 3rd at the SuperDome in New Orleans.The 49ers overcame 17-0 deficit to defeat the Atlanta Falcons, 28-24, in the NFC Championship Game. The Ravens over a 13-7 halftime deficit to defeat New England, 28-13, in the AFC Championship Game.Baltimore Ravens Heading to the Super Bowl via Zumapress.comHere's a quick rundown of the basic details for Super Bowl 47:...more