Why You Need to Ditch the Idea of a "Goal Weight"

It's normal to have a perceived number that we all think that we should be. It's what we want to see when we step on the scale. Typically those thoughts will come from a number that is calculated telling us that in order to be "healthy" there is a specific weight that determines that. Take your BMI (Body Mass Index), for instance, which is simply a calculation of your height and weight which tells you if you're in the "healthy" range. For the majority of my disordered eating days I was considered "healthy" therefore there wasn't a push for me to make any changes. Half of me was relieved that could continue living the controlled life I was, but the other half was crying for help. ...more

3 Body Image Exercises

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What's New Pussy Cat? How Labiaplasty Surgery Helped Me Love My Vagina

Ravishly.com is an alternative news + culture site for women, where there's no wrong way to be a woman. ...more

Don't tell me I'm inspirational just because I have a disability

There is this social phenomenon that I have been reading a lot about lately, it’s called inspiration porn. It basically consists of this idea that people with disabilities are truly inspiring to everyone without disabilities because they get up in the morning and go about their day as if they weren’t cursed with such misfortunes....more

I Feel Unpretty

As I admit the truth about how I see myself, I feel a weight slowly being lifted. In fact, the more I admit that I don’t like what I see in the mirror, the more I begin to like what’s reflected. My weight now is what I was when I was full term with abc. It’s a hard realization seeing the numbers tell me that I weigh the same as 1 person as I did when I was carrying a whole other person.*sigh*...more

What They Don't Tell You About Menopause

The low point of the day was The Photo. For some reason, my friend wanted to take our picture in front of the sand sculpture, something that we have never done before, and then post it on Facebook for the entire world to see. I avoid having my picture taken, especially since going through menopause. ...more

Pretty Pretty Princess

So it seems like everywhere I look lately I see articles about what not to say to your little girls.  Don't mention that you have issues with your weight.  Don't tell them they are pretty....more

Mirror, Mirror On The Waa... What IS That!

Oh, mirrors. Do they ever bring good news at my age, I wonder. I found a few red marks had appeared on my upper chest and shoulder, and thought, "Huh? Bug bites, maybe." Maybe.Then I found more. And then some of the ones I initially discovered had morphed into different shapes and feel.I got out the two-sided hand held mirror... the one that has the magnifier. That's never good, right? I wanted to see if there were more of these marks sprouting out anywhere else on my body....more

How to Reassure Your Partner That They’re Hot When They Hate Their Body

Ravishly.com is an alternative news + culture site for women, where there's no wrong way to be a woman. Frequently, I get messages from people — usually cis men who are dating cis women, but not always — asking me what the hell they’re supposed to do when their partner talks negatively about their own body.“She’s unhappily gained weight since we’ve been together, and I know saying ‘I still think you’re beautiful’ confirms the idea that fat is bad,” they say....more

Dear 16 Year Old Self

Dear 16 Year Old Self,The year is 2015 and today is your 26th birthday. You're a decade older now, with a decades worth of experience to report back on.It's possible that at this very minute you're sitting on the couch sobbing. Trying to express to Mom how hurtful some of the girls at school are, especially one girl in particular....more