Skinny or "Fat" either way it's never good enough

Skinny? Heavy? Overweight? Thin? Toned? Either way, I've found no medium in between these things. I use to be a size 1 in high school and now I'm at a 13/14 and although my waist is small and I'm curvy and larger towards my lower portion of my body, I still hate it! How do I get to where I wanna be?...more

In His Image

Why is it so common to struggle with our body image? Why is what God created me to be, not enough? I am not advocating eating whatever I want, never exercising and expecting God to naturally allow me to be thin…but I am advocating that God did not mess up the body that He created me in! We are all different sizes, shapes, and colors yet scripture says that we were created in His image. Have you ever asked yourself what it is about His image that we resemble? That is a question I have thought of recently....more
A very beautiful way of looking at our bodies. Thanks for sharing.more

Don't Fall Into These Dangers of Clean Eating

I have many friends advocating a "clean eating" lifestyle. On the surface, this seems like a good idea. Eat more fruits and vegetables and fewer processed foods. That's always a wise goal. However, sometimes this nebulous concept of "clean eating" devolves into food camps almost religious in their fervor. In one camp, I have dear friends who are vegan because they read The China Study. In another camp, I have friends who avoid all bread because they read Wheat Belly. And then in another are my friends who have gone Paleo and espouse the virtues of meat, meat, and more meat (with a side of vegetables). I know half a dozen children whose mothers claim are allergic to gluten, even though the chances of this statistical cluster are slim. ...more
Great article. I'm convinced our whole Western society is neurotic about food. Like you said, ...more

What is Perimenopause?

Most women don’t even know what this is - why the secret and what exactly ‘is’ it?  ...more

Model Winnie Harlowe Speaks Out on Cultural Appropriation as White Models Imitate her Vitiligo – Flattery or Nah?

We were just hi-fiving and celebrating Winnie Harlowe as she was one of many influential women to grace the cover of a major magazine in what has been an epic Fall cover month for Black women. Now, it appears that the model is in the middle of quite a crossroads and has taken, according to many, an unpopular stance.Let’s take it from the top, shall we? So, this happened……....more

Cellulite 411: How to do away with your dimples

If you’re reading this… then you probably have cellulite… but it’s not too late.  Most women will encounter those pesky dimples at some point in their lives.  It can be a major source of insecurity for many, and the reason we cover up with a sarong or sometimes avoid the pool all together.  We all secretly love to catch a glimpse of an unedited paparazzi shot exposing our favourite celeb caught off-guard sporting the tell-tale dimples that make them human, an...more

Sometimes You Don't Know What to Feel After You Lose Weight

Why am I going from elated about my progress and proud of myself to looking in the mirror and knowing I'll never meet those goals I set for myself? Why are there days when I look at my boyfriend and think I must look really good to him, and other days when I wonder if he is only with me because meeting people is hard? Why do I let the words of my ex-husband, "Fat. Ugly. Disgusting" crawl across the face of my mirror when I am getting dressed in the morning? Aren't change and meeting goals supposed to be fun? I'm in the process of having great days and horrible days. I'm stuck in an emotional purgatory of weight loss. ...more

Pick Your Poisen

I had my teeth cleaned yesterday and my dentist offered me Botox.During the 15 minute battle to determine my dental insurance number I pointed to the laminated sign advertising smooth skinning poison and asked the woman behind the desk what she thought of the Botox. “It’s great, people say they have to wait four weeks at their dermatologist, but WE can often get them in the next day. White teeth and smooth skin makes any lady happy!”Convenient....more

3 Reasons Trying To Eat Perfectly Is A Losing Battle

We have all seen these headlines on the internet and in magazines.  These are some I just came across:Lose 10 Pounds On Our 7 Day Juice CleanseBoost Your Energy and Clear Your Skin On Our "Eat Clean" DietMelt Away Fat In Two Weeks With Our New Diet...more

The girl No One loved

 Hello dear readers! I haven't written in a little bit, My head has been spinning since school started two weeks ago. As precious as this time is to me, it seems to be one of the firsts to go when everything else presses in. But, Hello! Seems I have finally been able to create somewhat of a weekly structure for My youngest and I while big sis is at school, and this has allowed me to dive back in!...more