October 18th Is LOVE YOUR BODY DAY!!

October 18th is Love Your Body Day!...more

Gladys Does Her Own Harper Valley PTA

I Want To Tell You All A Story About A Harper Valley Widowed Wife... Remember the song Harper Valley PTA?...more

Woes of a Chubby Bride

I ate an entire cheesecake. Let that just marinate in your brain for a while. I ate an entire cheesecake. By! My! Self!...more

Walls that no longer serve us well

I skipped second grade. Actually, I completed first and second grade in the same year so technically I didn’t skip anything. But still, I was suddenly a year younger than my classmates and remember feeling totally weird in my own skin. I don’t know if you can recall those early years but to be in a different classroom with a different teacher felt a million miles away from my first grade class down the hall. I mean, in first grade kids were still eating pencil erasers. Second grade was downright sophisticated!...more

Seeing ourselves as others see us is not for the weak.

We’ve heard that aging is not for sissies.  Here’s another truth.  Accepting the reality in the mirror first thing in the morning is not for the faint of heart.  And the photo taken for my driver’s license is not necessarily the real me.  I choose not to see myself the way the Department of Motor Vehicles sees me.  You’d think with that photo in my wallet I’d believe it’s true.  Nope.  I’m able to convince myself that picture is a fluke, a trick of lighting. ...more

I want to know where that kid works - the one who asked for I.D. before letting you buy ...more

National Bulling Prevention Week

National Bully Awareness National Bully Awareness is not about learning how to be a better bully.  It is about being aware if you are being bullied what to do.  It is also about recognizing if you are the one being a bully.  ...more

The Voice Within

I am realizing that I have to work on my relationships with other and most importantly my relationship with myself. My counselor gave me a chapter on self esteem to read. I know that is a big part of having a good relationship with myself and others as well. If I don't respect myself then I can't expect other people too either. I got a letter back from my boyfriend admitting he was wrong to treat me the way he did and I've decided to continue trying to work on our relationship and issues....more

Pregnancy & Body Image: Illustrated in Women's Words

We interviewed more than 400 women for our new body image guide, Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? When we asked expectant mothers to describe their bodies, there was little hesitation....more

G. stands for GIRL

Ok. The baby does NOT live in My (nor Your) stomach! (Very ...more

Why I Love My Body

From my blog:  Because Everybody Has A Story ...more

Why Everyone Should Know Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe

Last night, I took a break from my homework and read New York Magazine. When I hit page 77, I was surprised to see a stunning black and white photo of a large black women gracing the page. I thought Mo'Nique was looking good. Then I realized that it wasn't Mo'Nique, but Gabourey "Gabby" Sidibe, Mo'Nique's co-star in the movie Precious. ...more

I agree, when she is ready the pounds will come off.  This is not only true for her, but ...more