Lips, Lives, and Revolution

There's nothing more glamorous than feeling that way, first and foremost. I feel especially glamorous when I can be trendy and chic by perfecting those beauty tricks for the latest craze that works for me and my life. One way I like to dazzle is through old vintage glam: bright lips and subtle eyes. I love dark reds and sizzling pinks and when wearing them, I feel as sexy as a pin-up. I belong in the "glamour world" when I wear my burgundy and cherry lips, as though this is an accomplishment set forth, achieved by age and the basic experience of growing up. ...more

Thank you so much for the comment! To be quite honest, I didn't even expect my post to turn ...more

Survival and More: Mary Jo Buttafuoco

by Chris Lombardi ...more

Is Your Kid Getting the Wrong Message When People Tell Her She's Beautiful?

I remember growing up with my redheaded sister and hearing at least ten times a day how beautiful her hair was. Mine was ash blond and nobody ever told me my hair was beautiful. In fact, once a misguided hairdresser actually looked at my mother and sister's gorgeous red locks and said to me, "What happened to YOU?" ...more

This is such a hard one! Thank you for approaching the subject. I try to tell my daughter how ...more

Christmas Breasts


How to Get Celebrity Arms

I just shot my first ever fitness video.  Please let me know what you think!  (please be kind!) It's a quick, less than 2 minute, light weight routine which really sculpts those Celebrity Arms I was talking about last week.   ...more

Gwynne Reaches Her First Mini-Goal!!!

So happy!  Gwynne met her first goal!!!  Yay!!! Come & celebrate w/us. ...more

Minny and Matty

I have a couple of people trapped inside me. No surprise there, I know. There are two in particular that are constantly bumping heads, and that's Minny and Matty. Matty is the fat girl. Minny is the skinny girl. Does it make a tad bit more sense now? ...more

To some degree at least. The question always is how do we find the balance between them. If ...more

September is National Alopecia Areata Awareness Month!

In honor of Alopecia awareness month I would like to share this story that was sent to me by a woman who is living with Alopecia. “BECAUSE THE MIRROR IS WATCHING”  by Terese ...more

Beautiful and AVERAGE sized?!

This morning as I am sitting here thinking about what to post I come across ...more

There is far too much pressure on women to be thin these days. Too many women, myself included, ...more

Pink Wine

I am so sorry I have left you in the dark. The AA meetings are just killing me. ...more

I don't want to seem like a beerist so I don't like beer till I've consumed all of my drinks and ...more