How To Shatter Poor Body Image Through Awareness

It’s 7am. You sit blurry eyed on the edge of the bed clicking off your fog horn phone alarm. You stumble to the bathroom and flip the switch. Bam…there you are. Your reflection in the mirror. It begins…”wow look at those hair is horrendous…must stop using pore clogging moisturizer, look at this zit!…” Undressing to climb in the shower brings another slew of endless thoughts, “damn I need to hit the gym look at this cellulite…my butt is way too flat…” After a quick shower and more ruminating over what to wear…”cant wear those jeans because ...more

Happy Happy Birthday Barbie! (Or, In Defence of the Doll.)

In case you hadn't heard, this is the month of the 50th birthday of the longest-standing winner of the crown of Most Ambiguous Idol of Women's Power - BARBIE! And, it's also Women's History Month (Irony? Or Not? You decide.) ...more

Thanks for the comment! I have had so little response on this post - and I've posted it a LOT ...more

Eating Disorders At Midlife

As a specialist in women’s mental health, I am often asked, “does one ever recover from an eating disorder?”  ...more

The Postpartum Weight Loss Project

Spring is coming and I need to get rid my baby belly/kangaroo pouch. As my 4 week postpartum checkup approaches this week, I am eagerly awaiting the exercise "go ahead" from my OB. Aside from a painfully clogged milk duct in one of my breasts and the symptoms associated with the clog, I am feeling pretty good. However, this clogged milk duct may be an obstacle to my workout green light. A part of the treatment for a clogged milk duct requires that you not ...more

No Cougars In The Shoe Salon

When I go shoe shopping I really have no interest in flirting. I much prefer the glory of Manolos to the men who are employed in the shoe salon. I have my favorite places to shop, where I know I will be treated with kindness and attention. And respect. ...more

Dr. Oz on Oprah: Calorie Restriction Diet & Extreme Life Extension.

Would you like to live to 100 years and beyond?  Dr. Oz and other medical experts believe that a calorie restriction diet can help people to live longer with a higher quality of life. The calorie restriction diet also focuses on consuming calories that provide a high nutritional value, not just low calorie. ...more
@terminusest Thank you for your informative post. I am glad you dispelled some of the myths ...more

Bulimia More Common Among Black Girls: Gossip Girl Got it Wrong

So we may be wrong about bulimia.  A new study suggests our stereotype of the binge and purge addicted teen, as most recently exemplified by waspy Blair Waldorf on this season's Gossip Girl, may need to be revised.  Rich white teenagers may be at lower risk than a lot of other girls according to a recent study... ...more

Did I Find The Fountain of Youth? No, but I think NuFace might be as close as I can get without surgery.

Do you "feel" your age? What's your age suppose to feel like anyway? I'm not sure how I am suppose to be feeling at forty-something, but I am feeling more and more like I'm "looking" my age. The thing is...I don't care enough about how I look to ever go under the knife and have plastic surgery, but I do care enough to wonder about other ways I might be able to maintain a youthful appearance as the years tick by. ...more

These days everyone wants to obtain the fountain of youth. Yoga is a natural method that can ...more

Are You Peer Pressured into Being Unhealthy?

Most of us have experienced peer pressure at one time or another, most likely when we were adolescents.  At that time, it was pretty blatant: ’Buy these jeans, everyone else has them’…‘You need to make the basketball team, otherwise you’ll be a loser’…‘Try a sip of this punch or a smoke, it makes you feel great.’ As we get older, however, peer pressure is more subtle…more damaging. We are confronted with judgment and pressure from friends, family, colleagues and even the media, day after day, often all in conflict with one another. ...more

On Disney and Dietitians

An article about dietitians in last week's LA Times took me back to watching Disney films with my kids. Among all the Disney rubbish that I sat through over the years, I must confess that I love Lilo and Stitch. Despite Disney’s troubling track record when it comes to issues of gender and multiculturalism, in this movie, the animators seemed to have broken their own patterns not only by enchantingly capturing the Hawaiian music and atmosphere, but also by the way they depict the main character. ...more