I am in SHOCK over this article.....

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1220095/American-abort... I am absolutely in shock over this article that I read today.  It is about an American woman, Irene Villar, who has had multiple abortions, over 15 of them.  She now has two daughters.  Read this article and justify it.  There is absolutely no justification for her actions. ...more

I was not aware of this until I read your post today. It disgusts me that she is making a ...more

Karl Lagerfeld Says No One Wants to See "Round" Women

Not too long ago, designer Mark Fast caught our attention for including plus-sized models in his London Fashion Week runway show. Fast's decision inspired some really interesting discussion, both here at BlogHer and elsewhere, about everything from what constitutes a "plus" size to why couture matters. For the most part, though, everyone agreed that Fast's choice to show his clothes on women with actual curves was a step in the right direction.Everyone, that is, except Karl Lagerfeld....more

I think your snazzy collar is cutting off the circulation to your ...more

Avoiding Candy Cravings During Halloween and Sticking To A Healthy Diet

I have been successfully off of sugar since my post Conquering Sugar Addiction:  The First Step Towards A Healthy Diet (and the toughest), but I know I am always just one bite of a brownie away from falling off the wagon.  And now there is another huge temptation - Halloween.  It seems like everywhere I go I am faced with those giant bags of Halloween candy.  The next few weeks are going to be a real test of my new-found willpower. ...more

It's hard to say no to candy...but that is exactly what I am determined to ...more

BlogHer of the Week: Ivana Kidd from The Phantom Line

To see ourselves like those who love us do: Some of us achieve this, and some of us struggle. Sometimes it's our physical appearance that doesn't stack up, we believe, to being lovable. And sometimes it's a perceived failure deeper within. In her post "You're So Pretty" Ivana Kidd of The Phantom Line confronts her struggle in the midst of grief painted twice--the death of her mother and a miscarriage. ...more

Grumble of the Week - 10/12/09

My grumble of the week is: Trim your waistline online ads.  Don't you hate them?  Cut 3 inches off a week?  Puhleeze.  With what?  A cheese slicer?  What comes next?  The Home Liposuction kit?  Will they get the ShamWow guy to advertise it? Give me your opinions!  And suggestions for next week's Grumble are gratefully appreciated! Badger...more

Naked Ladies Look Just Like YOU! (You're Hot!)

 ← Ms. Tracee, Substitute Teacher Drama Queen →...more

October 18th Is LOVE YOUR BODY DAY!!

October 18th is Love Your Body Day!...more

Gladys Does Her Own Harper Valley PTA

I Want To Tell You All A Story About A Harper Valley Widowed Wife... Remember the song Harper Valley PTA?...more

Woes of a Chubby Bride

I ate an entire cheesecake. Let that just marinate in your brain for a while. I ate an entire cheesecake. By! My! Self!...more

Walls that no longer serve us well

I skipped second grade. Actually, I completed first and second grade in the same year so technically I didn’t skip anything. But still, I was suddenly a year younger than my classmates and remember feeling totally weird in my own skin. I don’t know if you can recall those early years but to be in a different classroom with a different teacher felt a million miles away from my first grade class down the hall. I mean, in first grade kids were still eating pencil erasers. Second grade was downright sophisticated!...more