Gettin Serious About This

So, I fancy myself a half-way decent writer.  You'd think I'd be excited about all these opportunities to blog.    Well, I haven't been.  I like to write on my own and keep it to myself and one of these days I will compile something worth of review for publishing.   But the idea of sharing my daily thoughts and activities for all the world to see has been absolutely frightening to me.  Why?  There are a few things but the big one is:  who cares what I have to say?...more

The Hair God Gave Me

As many of you are aware, Chris Rock is coming out with a new movie, Good Hair, which I cannot not wait to see.  He is presenting a light-hearted documentary about the treatment and perception of black hair.  The trailer looks quite funny but there is truth in every joke.  ...more

Porn is What We Have Done with Our Freedom

Porn is What We Have Done with Our Freedom   by Erin Solaro     ...more

Help for young women who want to get SANE about food!

I'm happy to introduce, a site and organization for girls and young women who overeat or have weight issues, started by Sunny Sea Gold, the health articles editor at Glamour magazine (and former binge-eater). Get help, support, tips, and a little bit of food sanity, whether you have a problem with emotional eating, dieting, bingeing or are just confused about what Healthy Girls eat!...more

My Name Is Becky And I Am Not An Alcoholic

I am an adult child of two alcoholics, and although there are nifty acronyms used to refer to us, I prefer my real name: Becky. The Internet knows me as Aunt Becky and I blog over at a seemingly incongruently named site: “Mommy Wants Vodka.” Perhaps you have heard of me, mixed into articles about Diane Schuler, the lady who killed her kids, bashing me for being a Cocktail Mom....more

The poster girl for Aging Grace-fully

I’m constantly astounded by all the formulas and fillers and surgeries and suction and other stuff women do in desperation to drink every last drop from the fountain of youth.   So it was a rare treat recently to see a woman on a movie screen who’s  over a certain age—and actually looks it. It’s NOT a surprise —that the movie was a documentary. ...more

Soreness.. What Do I Do?

My body has been putting up with a lot lately and I think it is getting tired!!!! With all of this training, I do not know how far to push it. I know that I will be experiencing soreness, but for how long? How do I know when I just need more rest? How do I know if it is okay to keep going and I will not further damage anything? I need help!!! ...more

A Love Affair With Fried Food

Married people like fried food: I just have to say fried food tastes better when there’s a ring on your finger. That is why they’re called Love Handles. ...more

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


Your Body Image – Loving the Woman Staring Back

Wow, sitting at Second Cup, writing today’s blog entry before going to serve pizza lunch at my son’s school. I have to say, I’m enjoying this new venture. I simply love everything women related, all the issues, and this has become an incredible medium for me to connect with all of you. ...more

It's a process. You'll get better and better with practice. Good luck! And be good to ...more

Birthdays: How do they make you feel?

Today is my birthday. Should I be stressed because I'm getting (and looking) older? Or should I be grateful for the opportunity to have another year of life? ...more

I've never found aging to be a big deal.  I turn 35 next Monday and have hit this place ...more