Dr. Cecelia Ford: When Is Enough Enough?

by Dr. Cecelia Ford in response to Dr. Pat Allen's recent post at Women's Voices For Change.   Here in New York City, in the past few decades the Duchess of Windsor’s famous motto, one can “never be too rich or too thin,” has been pursued with unapologetic fervor. Obviously, many people have found themselves in financial, physical and spiritual trouble while pursuing these goals. ...more

The Case of the Vanishing Misogynist Bacardi Breezer Ad Campaign

Once again, I've stupidly been living my life by various feminist principles that are sure to leave me without a husband or boyfriend, unloved, unsexed, and dead in a bathtub with my face eaten off my my 98 pet rabbits* (I'm allergic to cats) before anyone even notices that I am missing. Fortunately, the ad world is here to help me out! ...more

Yes, I hate those, too! And I suspect that I would hate the Brazilian yogurt commercial that ...more

Note to self...Always attend the 7:00 AM Weight Watchers Meeting

So ONEderland evaded me, and I gained .6 lbs (not bad). A tad disappointed with the results but, I survived. To add insult to injury, I overslept today and attended a Weight Watchers meeting provided at a later time. After the meeting, I remembered why I avoid attending at this particular time. ...more

Tips on Building Your Confidence

When I lived and worked in New York, I had several occasions to fly the shuttle to and from Washington, D.C. If you've ever flown that shuttle you know of the kiosks filled with newspapers, magazines and books available for the taking and offered to keep your high-power business person brain filled with knowledge and information as you take the sky bus to work. ...more

The great thing these days is if you have a smart phone or ipod you can read on that and people ...more

Ageless Anti Aging Perfume Giveaway

Ageless Anti Aging Perfume Review & Giveaway! ...more

The Comeback Kid!

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In the Name of Image: Abercrombie & Fitch Shoves Disabled Clerk to Stock Room

Not the salt of the earth but the sugar of affluent youth, Abercrombie & Fitch with its image of sexy college prep gods and goddesses is the bastion of unabashed elitism, promoting the perfect clothes, the perfect fit, and the perfect body. It's alleged that this image goes beyond its slick print ads to the brick and mortar floor of its stores from which a disabled employee shouts that A&F discriminates against mortals such as she. From the UK's Daily Mail: ...more

I am an african american-american woman and have been working as amodel for A&F for over ...more

How to take a self portrait

You don’t always need a snazzy expensive camera to take a good self portrait.  The wonderful women of They Be We used all sorts  of different cameras to take their pictures.  Some took them with point and shoots, some took them with scanners, and some painted images of themselves then took pictures of those.  It’s all in the eye of the beholder.  Here are some examples of self portraits that I have taken recently and descriptions for each. 1. Think Outside Of The Box: ...more

Bullshit Sandwiches

We call it the "Bullshit Sandwich". I told my mother that if she had something negative to say to me about my appearance, she'd have to back it up with two compliments.  "Your hair looks nice today, you really need to watch what you're eating but I think the photo on your work ID. is cute".  Platitudes intended to cushion my ego.  Frankly, I'd be happy if she kept her candor to herself, but this is how our mother-daughter dynamic works.  Until last night. ...more

Caution: Eye Sight is the First Thing to Go

You may not think it's front page news to learn that eye sight is the first thing to go... but it truly is! ...more