Oil Pulling???

It was one of those annoying conversations with my ex-husband .... yes they happen .... more often than I would like and they tend to stem around him forget most conversations. He started to tell me about some adverts he had seen around London and then continued to enlighten me about this new thing called oil pulling. So why was that annoying, I mean, I understand if you are there thinking it was so nice of him to think of my blog when he saw those adverts?...more

Are Women Over Age 50 Irrelevant or Fabulous?

I turned fifty in April. Yes I do feel good about myself. I've had some anxiety due to the ...more

I'm Worth More Than My BMI: I've Lost 57 Pounds...And?

I’ve never been more humiliated than when I was forced to ask for a seat extender...The flight attendant offered me a look of pity...The man I was sitting beside snickered and muttered “lose weight” under his breath...I, of course, eloquently told him to “fuck off"...“You’re getting thin, gal!”My mom said as I strutted through the archway of my parents’ front door.“Thanks, mom,” I muttered....more
Thank you so much for bringing light to a subject that so often people brush off or think does ...more

How I Learned To Stop Feeling Ugly

A little while ago, I read a lovely post that Chassé wrote about her experience with love, from age fifteen to now. (It's really beautifully written, please check it out!)...more
PrettyFatRebellion  Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)more

Can Meditation & Mindfulness Help You Lose Weight?

We all want to feel and look our best, but it’s not always easy when temptation is lurking around every corner. Emotional eating is real and it’s difficult to break the patterns. While eating a balanced diet and exercising helps reduce blood pressure and weight, so can meditation....more

3 Practical Steps to Having a Positive Body Image

Despite the popular cliché that “it’s what’s inside that matters most,” the truth is that many women actually care (and sometimes worry) about what’s outside as well.The tendency to be obsessed by the slim body, flat tummy, long flowing hair and glowing, spot-free skin of the models on the covers of fashion magazines is one that few women fall short of....more
I guess I don't look at my face closely when I'm getting ready in front of the mirror. I noticed ...more

Want to Look Beautiful Forever? 5 Simple Tips That Really Work

I bet you’d wish to live long and still look beautiful and radiant. Who wouldn’t want to?When you think of yourself as a grandmother in your 70s, you see a pretty woman with radiant face, shining white teeth, beautiful long hair and cute smile....more

Having a Positive Body Image


An Ode to My Milk Boobs

When I was young, I used to wish for big boobs -- terrific, tantalizing ta-tas like all the girls in movies seemed to have. I often asked myself: Wouldn't I be the most popular girl at my middle school prom if I had giant melons instead of these prepubescent raisins? ...more

The Return of MY Body

Today I did a full 1.5 hour yoga practice! The first in almost 8 months and it felt amazing. My body is coming back to me and I think it is even stronger than ever.Pre baby I realise I was not that aware of my body. I mean OK I was aware of my body in terms of movement and sensations but despite practicing yoga and being more connected to my body than most, I don’t think I fully understood what it mean to be aware....more
MamaBodyLove I know right! Thank you :) xxmore