Why 2014 is a great time to be female with a little junk in the trunk

On my morning blog scan I read an article on US Weekly's website with the headline, Demi Lovato: Kim Kardiashian "Revolutionized Our Generation's View of What Beautiful Is." At first I rolled my eyes. I read the article and I rolled my eyes again....more


Negative body images are present in both men and women, and I don’t want to hear another word about that. It is upsetting to me that so many body image-related blogs, articles, advertisements, campaigns etc. are clearly targeted at women; it’s almost offensive, in a way, or exclusionary. ...more

A 30 Something Beauty Regime

http://www.fashioncentral.inGenerally speaking, a woman’s grooming routine takes twice, i...more

The Dress Code Dilemma

As different parts of the country began their school year this past week & the weather has maintained its summer climate, students have had to face an on-going battle when it comes to dress code.In a recent article from NPR, school administrators face daily battles with students who push the bounds of appropriate clothing and accessories. Every school has its own version of "appropriate" dress, but the mindset associated with dress codes differ as it relates to students in question....more

Revitol Cream

BeautyShope.com Offers Revitol Cream in USA, UK, Australia & Canada. Buy Revitol Beauty Creams at http://www.beautyshope.com...more

My Health and Fitness Lifestyle

Note: Please keep in mind, I am not a certified nutritionist, dietician, or personal trainer, this is what works best for me and my body.  Everyone's idea of "healthy" varies, and that is okay! ...more
I tried for a very long time to calorie count to lose weight and I found that I was always ...more

You're Pretty For a Dark-Skinned Chick

"Excuse me miss, can I have a second of your time?"...more

Bringing Sexy Back by Being Ourselves

Did you know that according to DoSomething.org, 91% of women are unhappy with their own body image? I know it's a shocker of a fact, so I'll just let you re-read that and let it sink in for a few minutes. ...more
I believe that our biggest impact on our daughters and younger women, is to remind them that ...more

How to be Your Own Big Sister

"She's touching me!""She's playing with MY princess ring!""She won't give it back!""You can't come to my sleepover birthday party!!"Slap.  Pinch.  Scream.  Cry."Aunt Char.. Aunt Char!!  She's STILL touching me!"...more

Care Less to Live More

There was a time in my life where hearing that someone didn't like me was the most devastating news I could possible receive.What? But Why? What did I do? How can I fix this?? They will like me again, I'll make sure of it!...more