Truth Time: Food Anxiety

This past week at school, our students were honored at a "Volunteer Luncheon" to recognize the work they do with the younger students. As they were eating their pizza and drinking sprite, one thirteen year old female student said "I cannot believe how many calories I just ate. That's so disgusting." Thirteen years old...and already she deals with food anxiety.It is so sad that young people are worried about being "fat" or how many calories are in pizza. Sure, it's fine that teens know that a pizza isn't high up on the list of nutritional foods, but they shouldn't be afraid of it....more

Even Little Changes

 It's funny how change changes the way we feel. Take a hair cut and color. For most of us girls, if the job is done well, it's a match made in Heaven. presto! New self. But if you happen to be the kid of said girl-with-new-hair, cue the quaking earth and quivering chin. ...more

The battle I choose not to fight

I've spent the better part of my life feeling inadequate.My efforts always fell short of expectations, my potential was always three steps ahead. And that's not all....more

This is 28

This is 28! No really it is, today is my 28th birthday....more

How Kate Winslet Taught Me I'm Not Showing My Daughters the Right Things About Body Image

Recently, I’ve started to see my daughters’ bodies changing. Not quite puberty yet, but a little rounder here, a little curvier there. Yep, it’s almost time to have “the talks” in my house. I’ve done my best to protect their body images. I never talk about diet, although they rarely see me eat bread or pasta (seriously, goes right to my hips), try not to complain (to them) about the wrinkles and sags, and never complain when my jeans feel too tight. ...more
Great post. It's funny, but in the end our children are more likely to become who we are than to ...more

Pajama Party

The ultimate triumph was buying medium pajamas.My physical self lost twenty pounds In the last year but in my head, I had lost a hundred. In the swirling mass that is my daytime mind, I had become rail thin, my jeans held up only by my sharply angled hip bones, books could be stacked on those bones. The change in my head was dramatic. I was wearing size 10 jeans. I felt like Audrey Hepburn....more

5 Ways to Love Yourself

 Do you love yourself? I mean really love who you are as a person. Have you analyzed it? What do you do to prove to yourself that this is true?...more

You're So Beautiful


Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Going Bathing Suit Shopping

If you’re one of those people who has no issues when it comes to shopping for beachwear? Consider yourself lucky. Also?  Go to hell....more