On why being flawless is not the same as being beautiful

Susan Sarandon posted her original headshot this week on her Facebook page and my breath caught in my throat when I saw it. Today, we are going to talk about strange beauty and how by simply being a human, we are beautiful.   Let me tell you, first, about my strange beauty; about what I was tormented for as a child but now prize as an adult. ...more

Allison Williams As 'Peter Pan' Provides Real Life Wisdom for Women: Why You Should Watch Her DVD!

If you're a fan of "Girls," you know Allison Williams as the charming one who loves to sing....more

You Don't Fit: The "One-Size-Fits-All" Trend Sets A Dangerous Precedent Beyond Body Size

As far as I am concerned, unless its written on a scarf, 'one-size-fits-all' is the biggest lie the fashion industry might ever tell. While on the surface ridiculously naive and discriminatory, it is more than a tag on a piece of clothing most of us will never wear....more

WARNING: We Are Being Watched as to How We Respond to the Victoria Secret Fashion Show

When you hear the words ‘Victoria Secret Fashion Show,’ what happens? Does your confidence slowly start to erode? Do you feel inspired after seeing the models strut the runway with the new lingerie? Or, maybe you cringe at the idea of hearing all the self body-shaming that occurs on social media the day before and after?The inevitable VS Fashion Show has come and gone. Taking into consideration the different emotions and thoughts we have, here are two important issues I believe we need to address....more

The Phantom Boob

When I was in school, I read all about Phantom Limbs for a psychology class or two.  People who have had limbs or appendages amputated still feel as those those body parts are still attached to them somehow.  There's a neurological basis to the experience....more

The Feminist Pole Dancer Perspective: Lean In and Spin

I am a feminist (a feisty one) and a pole dancer (a sassy one). I don't consider these aspects of self to be in conflict. For the sake of context, I am by no stretch a feminist scholar. Feminism and pole dance have many different interpretations and mean different things to different people. I discuss pole dance from a recreational perspective as a student and instructor. I neither represent nor disparage the exotic industry but I also don't have enough information to comment on it. That being said, pole dance is not exclusive to the domain of the gentleman's club....more
Han Solo as it turns out, it wasn't an article about stripping at all. Not all pole dancers ...more

5 Reasons Why You Should Take A Pole Dancing Class

I remember walking into my first ever pole dancing class years ago. I was a figure skater and I wanted an edge over my competition so I always tried different off-ice conditioning fitness. One day I noticed how toned  my cousin was getting and I asked her what she was doing differently, she answered in a  barely audible whisper "I'm pole dancing". I thought I had heard her wrong, pole dancing? Did she suddenly become a stripper over night and I didn't know about it?...more

My Life With Anorexia

What you are about to read is a candid disclosure of my experience with Anorexia Nervosa. It's part memoir, part field guide, but pretty much all naked from an emotional perspective, so I ask respectfully for your gentleness in digesting these pieces of my heart....more

Why I Don't Care About Swimsuit Season

One of my favourite mantras is "Let go of what no longer serves". Swimsuit season in its current interpretation doesn't serve me anymore.  I mean once upon a time, I used to look forward it, a time to show off my achievements. There was nothing quite like fun in the sun and the sand, and a respite from the never ending rain. Somewhere along the way, it was hijacked and bastardized by the fitness marketing industry and it lost its luster. When starting my fitness journey, I had to find my “why”, and I quickly realized that swimsuit season wasn’t going to be it....more