6 Tips To Shed Pounds Quickly And Safely

Results, results, results! That’s all we want. It’s what we work for. If people don’t start to see results when they want to see them, many people will quit their efforts prematurely. If we aren’t seeing progress, it must not be working, Right? Not at all....more

Sweat, tears, bloating, and just pure frustration! What 40 Feels like Sometimes

 Is that a rogue black hair growing out of my chin? Where the hell did it come from and how did it get so long? I actually spoke those words out loud the other day, as I was on my way to my ball game....more

I Am Not Your Fat Friend

This is an open letter to people I have/do care about throughout my life who have either disregarded me, not seen my sexuality, or not seen my value and worth because of my weight. Some of these people I am still friends, even best friends, with but this is my truth. These stories are not personal attacks, but rather examples of how thin privilege operates on interpersonal levels between friends, lovers, and the people we interact with. I am not necessarily placing blame—I am telling part of my story....more
skinnedkneesnet You're welcome!more

How to Develop the Right Mind-Set to Reach your Goals

How to Develop the Right Mind-Set to Reach your Goalshttp://www.wobcmagazine.com/6265/77511/a/how-to-develop-the-right-mind-set-to-reach-your-goals...more

The age of questions


I Got 99 Problems But Perky Boobs Ain't One

 Dad, stop reading here. For both of our dignities, please.Also ex-boyfriends. I want to always be remembered as the one with the glorious rack who got away....more

The Naked Lady

I stepped out of the shower, dropped my towel, and caught a glimpse of my body in the mirror.  Not a spring chicken anymore but not quite an old bird either.  Somewhere in the middle, I guess.  The body I saw did have a lot of middle to look at and too many imperfections to count.  I’ll try anyway....more

15 issues and other confessions only Women with big boobs will understand..

 (If you can't learn to laugh at yourself don't continue)  ...more
TerriLynnMerritts I am very happy your daughter has you to sympathize with, as you two totally ...more

I Learned I Was Diabetic, and I Became a Binge Eater

Being at a healthy weight, no one really questioned my eating habits. I was the Sporty Spice of every group, so excessive eating was justified and even praised.  Through college I managed my healthy weight by keeping my routine of unwarranted eating and extreme exercise (my BMI was about 22). Luckily I love fruits and vegetables, but processed grains and starches were primary staples in my diet. (I couldn’t say no to a Pop-Tart.) ...more
Amanda, thank you for sharing your story.  I actually read it from beginning to end.  You helped ...more

Balancing Family, Life, and Marathon Training

 Who knew that summer with a 3 year old would be so busy? As you know, Lil Man is our only child, and we are learning as we go. So I wasn't really prepared for the busy summer days, and I even ditched some of the programs that I had originally considered us doing. But we are having a blast at Hershey Park this year. And we are getting more than our money out of our season passes....more