Thoughtfulness Thursday: Reflection

Sometimes I feel like my posts can be really surface. I know I've mentioned this before, but I really do strive to be honest with my readers. I don't just have products or clothes on my site for the heck of it...if I'm posting something, it's because I really do love it. To continue reading, visit: Xo,J...more

Raising Rafa

Whenever Husband and I talk about raising a daughter there are many things that scare us.We've come a long way - yes - but let's face it... this is still a man's world....more

You + Your Body Image

We live in a society where we are bombarded by the media, of what "sexy" and "beautiful" looks like. Most of the time the "sexy" and "beautiful" women we see are, well.....skinny as hell. And for some women who are not the media's "normal size," self-esteem may be low and their body image of themselves is screwed up. Having low self-esteem and a negative body image of yourself robs you of your own self-worth....more

Forget Kindergarten: Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Second Grade

It has been awhile since I read the book All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten by Robert Fulghum. It was in my pre-parenthood days. It was so insightful, so refreshing, so inspiring when I read it. Then I had children, and now I have an entirely different perspective as I'm living this out day by day through them. If you've never read the book, here are the basics: ...more
Love this! I am a second grade teacher (on mat leave with my 12 week old baby) and this article ...more

Dating A Girl "Like Me"

Through a series of inferences and coincidences, my family found out I was dating somebody last year (the kid suspected and let it slip to his uncle, who proceeded to tell everyone else).  The break-up happened when the kid was away, so he had no idea that this not-yet-discussed-or-confirmed situation was no longer.  So, what I was met with the day I came to retrieve my precocious child was a Spanish Inquisition of sorts from my family, wanting to know about this “guy who would date (me)”....more
TheBlackTortoise  -Thank you for that :-)more

Day 8/100 Accepting the need to Change.


Lose The Weight, Gain Your Life: My Journey On Losing 100 Pounds week 5

"If you so choose, even the unexpected setbacks can bring new and positive possibilities. If you so choose, you can find value and fulfillment in every circumstance."  Ralph MarstonWeek 5 was crap.I did hardly anything with my full effort.  I was sleep deprived, exhausted, hungry, sad, and stressed!...more

The picture that horrified me into finally going to the gym

 What a pound looks like......more

Fat: The hardest word

I can say overweight and plus-sized, usually with a reasonable degree of comfort. I can say, with only some hesitation, big, large, and heavy. I can say chubby, round, and, laughingly, gourd-shaped (à la my dear husband). It's a whole lot harder to say FAT. ...more

Appreciate Your Age

Mike Robbins...more