Cabin Fever

Image “Khan1_zpsb4ffe94a.jpg” from thelastmonte’s bucket Step…stop…wait. Step…stop…wait. Step…stop…wait. ...more

Checkpoint Woes

Yesterday, I hope you found some amusement in me whining about air travel and baggage. If not amusement, perhaps you could at least relate to my frustrations. Today you will find a bit more from our journey. ...more

Stretch Marks - All That Glitters is not Gold

When I reflect on the shape of my body, I am reminded that not all that glitters is gold. My stretchmarks glitter, silvery, in the evening light, and when I see them I think about how my relationship with my body has changed over time....more

Kindness from Strangers: What I Learned at the Dentist

Ouch. I really hate when I screw up. I missed Sunday and Monday to post on my blog – I got busy living in reality. Add that to the list of my personal imperfections....more

Pics or It Didn't Happen - Why I Love Selfies

I'm not a lawyer,  but I believe everyone is entitled to a proper defence. Selfies and coconut water sometimes get a bad rap. Coconut water deserves it, because it is vile and disgusting. I’m not sad for coconut water, it brought it on itself. Selfies, on the other hand, are truly a misunderstood art form. ...more
SarahHawk I know, right? Hooray for cameras on the front of phones :)more

Leg Day Exercises To Swap In To Your Current Workout Routine

Leg Day Exercise List – Some great ones to add to your training routine...more

Do I Enjoy Growing Old?

I enjoy growing old because there’s really no point in fighting it. There’s been time to experience life, gain depth and collect more interestingness.Since I was young, I always admired women who aged gracefully. Sophia Loren was one of my favorites.“Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren...more

How To Get In Shape In Ten Easy Pieces Of Exercise Equipment

Ten Easy Pieces is not a new movie with Jack Nicholson and his brother. Jack made Five Easy Pieces, and his brother wanted to make a sequel, but it never happened. Jack, on the other hand, does not know a lot about getting buff, because very young women will hang around him anyway, regardless of his looks. That's how he got five easy pieces to begin with....more

After I lose this baby weight...

After I lose this baby weight, I'm hoping to also take off:...more