Which Is Worse: Post-Pregnancy Hair Loss or the Weird Way It Grows Back?

First of all, thank you so much for not saying anything about my hair. Because we all know I'd prefer that it looked much better than this. Any face-to-face discussion on the topic would be awkward and cause me to touch my head self-consciously, thereby making it look even worse. (Is that possible?) But, since you are in the unfortunate position of having to look at me, I think you deserve full information. ...more
PigandDac Yeah, you gotta laugh to keep from crying on this one. It is amazing that women who ...more

I don't want to be a sexy pirate

Halloween is my favorite holiday. It takes place in my favorite season, I love seeing all the children dressed up in costumes, the candy is plentiful and everyone is happy. My wonderful husband takes our son trick-or-treating and I dress up and hand out candy at the door. But here's the thing:I don't want to be a sexy pirate....more

Barbie's Hot Bod

My first child came home and asked if I knew that Barbie would never menstruate were she a real person and that, brought to life and expanded to human height, she would tip over because of her toddler-sized feet and Parton-sized boobs.  When she brought forward this litany of anti-Barbie slurs, I nodded in assent and talked of irrational body image, the evil of capitalizing on idealized bodies and stuff good Moms do....more

Are You Sure You Should Eat That?

I can't remember the first time I was asked that, but I was young. Very young, maybe six? Seven? And, I felt it far before the words were said aloud. The looks. The awareness of every cookie, every second helping. It was another person in the room. It was a bully at the dinner table. It was a perfect reason to begin sneaking food. And sneak I did. Let me say this now. Internalize it. No one changes because you shame them into changing. ...more
Thank you so much. So many, especially women, can relate to fat/food shaming. It has to stop. ...more

Dear Barbie, Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear Barbie,Break ups are never easy, and this one is really tough. Seeing your blue eyes for the last time as I snapped the Rubber Maid lid on your resting place made me feel pretty bummed. I’m really going to miss you....more

Why 'All About That Bass' was everything a woman needs in 2014

another great music video on this topic  check out toxic beauty at www.toxicbeauty.memore

Are Words Like "Plus-Size" & "Curvy" Really Necessary?

When there was 70 pounds more of me several years ago, two things that really got my goat (in addition to the vending machine being out of Snickers bars) were 1) the names that department stores gave to clothing sections designed for overweight ladies and 2) the location of women's, er, plus-size, fashions. Mostly, the whole name/placement thing was more confusing and somewhat humorous than anything else....more

Am I Happier?

Because I Just Can't Handle Men Paying Attention to Me

Naturally, since I loved all the posts from last month's link up, I shared them via Twitter. Like Misha's post, where among other things she mentions how girls are taught that they are "distractions." It reminded me of this time in high school when all of the girls were gathered together for an assembly to learn how we were making male teachers uncomfortable with our clothing choices. Yeah. Great lesson. ...more
Adelewishnot That's true and those are great points, but intuition doesn't always help during ...more

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