What's the best way to form a new (good) habit?

The second month of the new year is a better time  to affect positive change.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Anybody can make a New Year’s resolution that promises changes will begin on January 1st, but some of us know we’re doomed to fail with those expectations hanging heavily right there on the nearby calendar....more

Jumping On The Bandwagon


Food and other Fatty addictions.

Dearest Fatty, It seems strange to have corresponded with you a few times now but to have still avoided the major issue. ...more

I will agree that a lot of people are uncomfortable with admitting to certain things (LOL at ...more

Losing Weight is my Goal

Jan 1st 2010 i started my Journey with Losing Weight .I cut Soda, Chocolate, Suger, White from my diet ,and started eating fresh veggies and coking vegan meals. I felt so good that i cut meat out of my life. Wow i stated losing weight and with my work outs i have so much energy. Today is Feb 1st 2010  I have lost 20 pounds and my goal is to feel healthy and look good by October 16th in my bridemaid dress.    ...more

Fatty faces upto the mirror.

Dearest Fatty, Today you went clothes shopping. Normally you wouldn't, I know this because I always come with you and understand what a trial this can be. In normal conditions you would have just gone straight to the jogging pants isle and grabbed the biggest size but this time you had to be brave and go to the dress isle. ...more

...For one thing I think my husband might section me..you know..eating meals with the ...more

Please Help Tell the Story of Our Sex Lives

Many of us remember the day we first ran across Our Bodies, Ourselves, as something of a revelation; perhaps you even picked up the more recent edition of the same book focused on menopause. But have you wished your voice was in there too?...more

An American Tragedy

What else can you possible call it? With respect to Theodore Dreiser,  no fiction writer could dream up this mess.  It would be a great story, if only it weren’t real. I didn’t intend to write about it…but I also didn’t think John Edwards could sink any lower than he already had.  I love words but I don’t have any to describe him.  Watching 20/ 20 hit me wherever is below below the belt.   And maybe I feel this personally because I know the fragility of someone with cancer....more

Fatty lives for headshots.

    Is it your flab or your brain you need to fight? Answers on a postcard please. Dearest Fatty. The internet is a haven for you isn’t it. A place the lonely can congregate and share without the all too often judging that comes with face to face meetings. Networking sites like FaceBook mean you can put up a flattering head shot as your profile picture and censor any other pictures up loaded. ...more

...put yourself in avatars now..not Love me...heehee.

My real face is on my public ...more

Dear Retailer

 Dear Retailer-...more

Setting the goalposts, dig them deep Fatty.

Dearest Fatty. You are right. Goals are very important. How else can one keep a track of how one is doing? Goals however need commitment. Are you ready for commitment Fatty? The idea of aiming for a fun run in July is an obtainable one, but there is no use in sitting back having decided on your goal and then panicking sometime around June 15th, trying to run around like an idiot and then hurting yourself for your trouble. THAT dear Fatty, is just what your sub-conscious wants you to do. It wants you to fail. ...more

...I think we can pretend this isn't "work", I love to cycle rather than drive purely because ...more