Take a Breath, Load Up, & Start Again - HcG Protocol, Days 22 & 23

10/16 and 10/17/10 - Day 22 and 23 of HcG Protocol eating plan Saturday's weight:  182.4 lbs.  /  Sunday's weight:  184.2 lbs. Friday's weight:  182.2 lb.s Total loss:  approx....more

Damn those Calories! HcG Protocol, Day 21

10/15/10 - Day 21 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  182.2 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  181.4 lbs. Difference:  + .8 lbs. Total loss:  - 11.3 lbs. Goal weight:  140 lbs   I am NOT happy.  Yes, I cheated yesterday, and yes, I went over by a couple of hundred calories.  But hell!  ANYONE can lose weight eating 500-700 calories per day!  Here is the difference:  the HcG drops.  They are designed to release calories and fat cells into the system to ...more

So Now I Know - HcG Protocol, Day 20

10/14/10 - Day 20 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  181.4 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  181 lbs.                                             Difference:  + .4 lbs. Total loss:  - 12.1 lbs. Goal weight:  140 lbs   This is wearing me out.  I think that yes...more

i am...

this is my re imagined self portrait, the original i created when i was in college and this vision of myself remains constant, but with age comes wisdom… the first piece said i was becoming and this one knows that i am enoughdani{dani keith designs}www.danikeith.com...putting the heart in handmade...more

My Private Hell that is the GYM Before Dawn.

Wondering if there is some insane genetic abnormality that makes certain people ridiculously chipper at the gym before the sun rises? I prefer my feelings of annoyance and bitterness when the alarm rings - The question is, what wins out - Sleep or Self Regret? ...guess that depends on the night before!www.notetoyoulilsis.com ...more

The LA gym routine was short lived for me....trying again tomorrow. Word on the street that's ...more

Loving the Changes! HcG Protocol, Day 19

10/13/10 - Day 19 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  181 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  182.2 lbs.                                             Difference:  - 1.2 lbs. Total loss:  - 12.5 lbs. Goal weight:  140 lbs   I was VERY pleased when I woke up and we...more

Back on Track - HcG Protocol, Day 18

10/12/10 - Day 18 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  182.2 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  183.2 lbs. Measurements (haven't done since Day 1):  Starting waist = 42"; Today's waist = 40"; Starting bust = 45"; Today's bust = 42"                                                 Difference: ...more

For Display Purposes Only

Since it is now October, and I’ve already lectured you about the pink puke you will find in the aisles of your grocery store and how you should clean it up, have I ever told you about my breasts?...more

Postpartum Depression Antepartum?

I wasn’t depressed with either of my first two children until after they were born. Sophie’s post-partum depression was very mild. It was more like; “Oh wow, I got really fat. Eh. Where’s the ice cream?” Followed by; “Oops, I did it again. Fuckin’ ice cream. Yep. Still really fat. Now, where did I put those cookies??” With Hunter, I was depressed mostly because I’d just ended a 7 week hospital stay and he was immediately sent down to the NICU....more

I love you! This is an awesome blog. I am very new to not only this sight, but blogging. I love ...more


"For age is opportunity no less than youth itself, though in another dress, and as the evening twilight fades away, the sky is filled with stars, invisible by day." ...more