Highway Robbery...I Mean Health Insurance

Just got off the phone with my health insurance provider. Trying to get them to pay *their share* of the homebirth. You know, the one I discussed with them a year ago. The one they agreed to pay 80% of. Well, let’s just say I’m having trouble calling them a “provider.” They cut a check for less than 40% of the homebirth. Can you imagine if your partner “provided” for you like insurance companies manage to?...more

Separate but Equal: Fat Girls Get Own Fashion Week (But no Ashley Falcon)

 The fashion world seems to have finally clued in to an obvious fact - we all wear clothing. Yes, even fat girls. Elie Tahari, a very upper-end designer has a new line of plus size fashion that are actually attractive, and sold in Bloomingdale's (how pretty is that jacket below?), and this year, the New York Times Magazine covered the second Full Figured Fashion Week, hosted by former plus size model, Emme. Founder, and former plus-size model, Gwen Devoe, said what we all already knew - that, "Every curvy girl that has a dollar is willing to spend that dollar,” while, the New York Times' Business Day section regarded the event almost sarcastically, remarking that, "the fattening of America is a big business opportunity." Of course, with designers like Nanette Lepore making their largest offering a size 12, there's an argument to be made, that many of the women excluded from fashion are not necessarily "fat" so much as tall, larger-framed, or muscular. The narrow sizes offered as "regular" or "normal" cut a thin swathe through the much larger population of women with money to spend on clothing. And guess what - we all wear clothes. Devoe herself pointed out that, "I’ve been told several times that no one fantasizes about being a plus-size woman, and that’s probably true, but the fact remains that you have to work with what you have.” Up until now, though very few designers have connected the giant, neon dots - in fact, as far as fashion goes, in many ways, it's cheaper to be fat. ...more

turns out reality TV isn't so real afterall

this is so 4 days ago, but still - i just had to mention it. y'all know NBC's The Biggest Loser, right? a show famous for its contestants losing massive amounts of weight in an all-too unnatural period of time? (just checking....more

Psychic Pets?

We’ve all heard stories about the psychic and even telepathic powers of pets. The most recent and well-known situation reported in The Register on July 26, 2007, by Lester Haines was the cat predicting the deaths of over 25 senior citizens in a nursing home....more


by Jessica Gustavsson I reconnected with myself in such a profound, almost earth-shattering way; my passions, my humour, my emotional as well as my physical strength, my overall confidence and last but not least my mischievous, adventurous side.To read the rest of this blog, go to NiasElementsOfLife.com, hit the BRAND KNEWZ page & click JESSICA 30. Visit Nia's Elements of Life at www.niaselementsoflife.com...more


I had another day where my aunt was not telling me I was fat but saying how I'll lose weight by x. It is hard for me because I try to lose weight and in this program I am trying so hard not to make it such a factor in my happiness. Tonight actually I realized I am powerless over my weight. There is only so much I can do to control it. Try to eat healthy as best I can. Try not to binge and purge. Exercise moderately not excessively. Not take diet pills or other pill's to try to lose weight. Which, I admit I want to do....more

Day 7: <-- What? Where are Days 5 & 6???

Oh, Angel..... Angel, Angel, Angel...............more

Happy being me...

Once I heard an old Baptist Minister say..." I don't have a style. I just wear what I like!"  Now of course the statement in itself had nothing to do with the sermon, but for me it was the only thing that stuck with me. I have no idea what his sermon was about. (Shhh....That will be our little secret.)  I liked the phrase it so much I started living by it.  It was amazing at how the pressure to follow the crowd was lifted by such a simple phrase. ...more

Tips for Losing Weight

Our  Caregivers help seniors live happy, healthy, and independent lives in their own homes.Tips for Easy Weight Loss for Seniors...more