Weight Loss and Metabolism

All of us envy those lucky souls who get to gorge on food without putting on any or very little weight! Ever wondered why it happens? The answer lies in the magic word “Metabolism”! A person’s metabolic rate seems to decide how difficult or easy it is for her (and you) to lose or gain weight.  Obviously, metabolic rates differ from person to person. Very simply put, the metabolic rate refers to the amount of calories your body manages to burn in a day’s time....more

She's back, former Bloomies buyer Sara adds on to her basics wardrobe without going overboard

Yesterday we met Sara (welcome back Sara!), and got a glimpse into her closet of basics.  Today she fills us in how we can work in the seasons trends with just a few key pieces, and what she'll invest in, and what she'll save on.  ...more

What Am I Thankful For?

So the question is, "What are you thankful for in your life despite living with migraine disease?" Strange as it sounds, I’m actually thankful for my migraine disease being in my life. I know that that sounds really odd, and slightly masochistic, but it’s not....more

GQ, Glee and Sexism

Sick of the "L" word

I feel bad about posting this because I just commented on an atrocious article discussing Marie Claire's publication of the idiot who is "disgusted by seeing fat people kiss." I don't find over-weight people disgusting, but I find my own body as such. By the "L" word, I mean Large--size Large! I hate seeing that word on my clothes and the letter L on the hangers. I know, I know--it's my own doing, and if I don't like it then I should lose weight....more

Lord, How I Have Changed!

Once upon a time, a woman was married to a very nice man. He tried his best, but he found it very difficult to please her. In actuality, he had no chance of pleasing her because she suffered from "I" disease -- too little space between the "I's" in  her conversation and demands....more


My husband thinks I don't have cellulite.  Seriously.  The reason he adheres to this fallacy is because he has never actually seen me naked.  He thinks he has, he would swear he has and, in fact, he would state that I have a smokin' hot bod.  We live together, sleep together, swim together.  I don't hide, wear caftans, or any sort of body make-up.  Heck, I don't even wear spanx, they make me feel fat like a sausage.  I'm a whisper of smoke and it comes as easy to me as taking a breath.  You see, I hate nudity. ...more

I echo Erica's statement of her appreciation for your transparency and sharing. I'm of the ...more

For Victims Of Molestation

Moody and Hormonal - HcG Protocol, Day 31

10/25/10 - Day 31 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  179.4 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  179.4 lbs. Difference:  +/- 0 lbs. Total loss:  - 14.1 lbs. Goal weight:  140 lbs   Well, I knew that today would be difficult to follow the eating plan while shooting all day on a golf course, so it became a load day - hopefully another kick start that will get me back on track....again.  I don't feel all that great about it, but it has worked each time I've done it so far, so hopef...more