Vaginal Rejuvenation Awareness Day? Seriously?

The email was titled “Vaginal Rejuvenation Awareness Day–You’re Invited!” In it, Vanessa politely explained that I have been chosen to participate in this “important discussion” becuase I’m a mommy blogger, and as we all know, moms endure childbirth and so have vaginas that no longer function properly and apparently need surgery to be restored back to their youthful tightness.Continued: Vaginal Rejuvenation ----Vered DeLeeuw...more

If You Take a Picture of Me Eating on the Subway, I Will Punch You In The Face.

Check this shit out: Train Pigs.Sometimes, I wait too long to eat. It's a little compulsive and unhealthy. But, it usually means, if I buy food, I need to it immediately. Sometimes, that happens on the subway. And, I assure you, every single time, I will not want you to take a picture of me. So, if I catch you, I will punch you in the fucking face....more

Lean Cuisine Diet... Does it Work?

Busy people resort to lean cuisine diet. Does it work like the regular cooked meals?Let us have quick comparison between the two. First taste. They are both delectable especially when we follow the instruction or the recipe direction.Second: time preparation. ...more

Foraging for nettles...and other Earth Day challenges!

Jenny Fox The Svelte Gourmet   Foraging for nettles...and other Earth Day challenges! I used to just love to cook. Then I learned to love to cook healthfully....more

Recipe Makeover #1 - Svelte Macaroni & Cheese!

Jenny Fox The Svelte Gourmet   Recipe Makeover #1 - Svelte Macaroni & Cheese! What?!...more

Sweets get svelte!

Jenny Fox The Svelte Gourmet   ...more

Thank you Mr. Columbus Circle Man who gave me a coffee cart napkin to wipe my tears, kind words to renew my faith in NYC...

Things have been less than stellar lately. They are all life deal-able things. Babies won’t die. But it hasn’t exactly been easy.  I worked hard over this week to pull myself out of a self-deprecating muck and back onto solid ground. Then yesterday, my father called. There is nothing like a parent drilling you over the phone, while you are at work and can’t properly brat out, about life choices you are completely unable to face at the moment to make you – make me – feel as lost and confused about my life as I was 10 years ago....more

Vanity, Not Fair!

When I told my childhood friend that I commuted to work by bicycle, she found that image incredibly hard to picture. She knew me as the child who pulled all kinds of excuses to get out of gym class –  I was allergic to breaking a sweat, you see. The concept of me arriving to work all sweaty and out of breath was almost unbelievable. She nearly fell out of her chair....more

How To Lose Weight With Love: An MD’s Thoughts On Owning Your Health

Standing at the airport looking at magazine headlines, I found myself, once again, nauseated by all the headlines about weight loss.  How To Lose 100 pounds Without Trying.  The Biggest Loser Loses More.  Jane Superstar Magically Gets Her Body Back After Baby. Oh No! Gorgeous Supermodel Has A Muffin Top! It’s enough to make a girl want to puke. ...more