Pajama pants say I am ready for bed not work

Working at home can do a number on your body image. Between talking on the phone, feeding the cat, doing bills the mirror catches your eye and you realize you are still in your pajamas. It is eleven a.m. you should be dressed, most people are getting dressed to go to work. No one can see you, people on the other end of the phone have no clue you are not in slacks and a blouse with make up done. They have no clue you are picking up toys, doing the laundry while taking their order or filling their needs. Multi tasking, taking care of business and the home all in a days work. ...more

I think getting dressed is very important when you work from home. Even if it is to put on a ...more

Teen Dating Violence

Teen dating abuse and violence is a growing problem; some recent reports in the media shed light on it and programs that have been set up to help address it....more

Karma IS a Bitch

Hope E.N.D. = entirely new direction...more

Ugh, the 2000 bust sucked, and the truth is it didn't really end. The mini-boom that started ...more

PSA: A Common Firefighter Disease

Sometimes when people - well, women anyway - find out that I'm married to the firefighter they picture one of those guys you see on those firefighter calendars.  I admit that I'm guilty of drooling over a few of those pages as well.  Heck, I'm married not blind!  But I am respectful of my husband and don't bring it home for him to find stuffed under the mattress or in my underwear drawer.  I digress..... But let's get realistic. ...more

Poetry Friday: God's Gym

by Lisa Russ SpaarMy evening commute takes me along a highway that could be Anywhere, USA — a rootless route of chain restaurants, box stores, motels, gas stations. One evening, stopped at a red light, I noticed that the "L" in the local strip-mall Gold's Gym sign had gone dark....more

The Frumpification of America

Jen @ ...more

Products You Just Can’t Live Without!

Today, more than ever, body image is a huge self-esteem issue for women and girls. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how to be perfect — Get Thin Fast; I Hate My Hair; Surgery-Free Boob Jobs; LongerLegs, Leaner Lines, Sexier Silhouette. Speaking in a recent issue of People magazine, the 23-year-old reality television celebrity and sage adviser Heidi Montag, who underwent 10 plastic surgeries in one day, admitted that she plans to “keep using surgery to make me as perfect as I can be.” And as Heidi knows all too well, beauty isn’t cheap. But even if you don’t have $30K to overhaul yourself in the New Year, AAUW resolves to make you the ideal woman from head to toe in 2010 with a few beauty products you would be loathe to do without....more

Obesity: Causes & Treatments

Obesity: Causes and Treatments Courtesy of  ...more

Could this be goodbye to the 'muffin top'?!

To the uninitiated the muffin top is the unsightly bulge above the belt that us ladies get. Having had 2 children in 18 months I had one to be proud of. It was almost a thing of beauty with its varying brushstrokes of red, silver and blue (ok stretchmarks but I'm a feminist which means they show the beautiful journey of my pregnancies, believe that and you'll believe anything, they are HIDEOUS)....more

Injury-proof your workout