Get Your Curves On !!


Fifty is the new forever.

For a couple of generations at least, we’ve succeeded in blurring age lines - literally.  Aging doesn’t happen gradually anymore.  Now we age in clumps of time and style. First we’re very young - say teenagers.  Then we continue to dress like teens for at least another decade - sometimes two.  ...more

Paris Hilton Sucks

~The beautiful people" are beginning to make me ill. When Katie Holmes's haircut makes national news and Paris Hilton's jail time is more significant than Darfur, it makes me angry as hell. Are these people [media] really serious? As a nation, are we truly so indifferent and uninterested with our own lives that Katie's new hair-doo gives us enjoyment, pleasure, some sort of fulfillment? What are we trying to fill? What is lacking in our existence? Ask yourselves this question, pleeeeease.   Excuuuuuse me... but have you heard there's a little war going on in Iraq? ...more

My Mii is a Hater

I don't understand this bitch. I never did a damn thing to her. In fact, I was good to her. I picked out a cute little body for her, nice hair, eyes, skin tone....I mean, she looks just like me. I was cool with it. And her name was "Mommy." Not too original, but appropriate. I didn't name her. ...more

I sneeze therefor I am

I think I've developed allergies. I cannot stop sneezing. The rain makes me sneeze, when I get out of the shower I get the sniffles, when the mowing maniacs next door cut their precious lawn I get itchy eyes.I used to love the smell of fresh mowed hay - this summer I'd take a big nose would start to tingle, my cheeks would dampen with tears, and I'd sneeze, sneeze, sneeze. It wouldn't even be so bad if I hadn't inherited the loudest sneeze gene on earth. My dad used to sneeze 50 acres away on the tractor and you could hear it clear up at the house. ...more

The Weight in the Mirror

I look in the mirror these days and see a stranger. Cliche, I know. The twist is that I see a DIFFERENT stranger every day. Sometimes I’m bloated so much that I’m reminded of Graham Greene’s Toad. Sometimes I’m dehydrated enough to have lots of wrinkles and lines from where I slept the night before. ...more


Those of you who know me know that I'm far from shy. I'm pretty outspoken, quick to rock the boat when something irks me and fast to shout from the rooftops when I feel something bears praise and publicity. So it came as such a surprise to me to find out that I'm really quite the wuss.Last week as I was perusing the produce at the grocery store I looked up from the lettuce to find Robert Duvall standing not three feet away from me. I quickly looked back down and up again - thinking for sure my eyes had deceived me and he would morph into someone more common looking.Nope. ...more

Bye~Bye Brows

We bald beauties simply have no control over the loss of our precious hair follicles, especially the ones that are overtly noticeable, such as our eyebrows.  It is something we have come to deal with and accept as an inevitable part of medical hair loss.  We have creatively learned to apply makeup to give the illusion of eyebrows or actually have a tattoo to replace our brows.   We strive to look as normal as possible  - but then again - WHO decides what is ...more

On Healthcare, Older Women in Tightest Bind

by Chris Lombardi It's been a summer of shouting about health care, and health insurance. Now, with President Obama about to address the issue to a joint session of Congress, some new studies — one by a nonprofit think tank, one from the federal Department of Health and Human Services — suggest that for older women, the outcome of all this debate matters more than most. ...more

Jemima Kate

I met Alec 2 months ago and it has been a whirlwind romance. When we first met I was reading Jane Green’s ‘Jemima J’ and I have to say it opened my eyes. Here I was the same as JJ, "bored, fat and unhappy". The character Jemima and I were about the same age, the same weight, and definitely the same build. I was coming out of a 4 year relationship and trying to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. ...more