Tai Chi and Your Health

Metal Mouth

Elliott gets her braces today. I can’t tell if she is excited or scared. The appointment was made in May when I took her to the orthodontist to see if she needed braces. Colby and I knew she needed braces because she has a receding chin and a wicked overbite, but we needed to respect the experts....more

Why I Heart Being Married

Being married, is in so many ways, a giant security blanket. And I don't mean financially, or anything at all like that. I'm talking about the smaller things. Like this:...more

Lose Fat and Gain The Body of Your Dreams

   At 50 I made the choice to get fit, get healthy and stay that way forever.  My entire adult life had involved going on one fad diet after another and always regaining every ounce that I lost, and usually more.  Let's face it, we all know the kind of foods that make us fat, that inconsistent exercise isn't effective and that we are responsible for the choices we make...good or bad.  There's no better time&n...more


...It's disheartening, almost chilling to think that Filipinas (Filipino women) think that the end-all of being "perfectly beautiful" comes from the chemical ingredient called "glutathione." Never heard of it? Me neither until early this year when a friend of mine based in L.A....more

Beautifully different with my daughter

My six-year-old found my personal journal, thrust it toward me and asked: "What does this say?"It contained notes I was embarrassed even to tell myself let alone share with my daughter. "Mama's writing about all the things that make her different," I said. "Read it to me," she said directly, no-nonsense like....more

Poor Jane Fonda. Poor Us.

Jane Fonda just got plastic surgery, and on one level that's her...more

Mind/Body and getting all metaphysical

Not a huge fan of the Reverb10 prompt for today, but I've made it this far, and heck, it's not that I can't write about this subject, it's just not my favorite. Specifically, it asks me to talk about when I've had the best mind/body connection this year, when I've felt the most integrated with my body....more


"'Bridalplasty' brings together engaged women who are seeking complete image transformations before their big day -- they want the dream wedding AND the dream body to go along with it." "Bridalplasty" will be the first American reality show to have participants compete for plastic surgery. There have been shows about people having plastic surgery, but in "Bridalplasty," it's the prize -- pushing the limits of medical ethics. Under the American Society of Plastic Surgeons code of ethics, "We're technically prohibited from giving procedures away as a prize for a contest....more

I think "preying" is absolutely right. I'm sad to read about this reality show, but not ...more

On loving wrinkles

My style has evolved over many years, but two things that happened early on in my development as an artist made me paint the way I do. One of those things involves wrinkles.Gwenn SeemelGeorge2010acrylic on panel7 x 5 inches(detail below)...more