Who's that hot sleep-deprived chick?

I am a petite woman with eyes large enough that, with both of those traits combined, have made me appear much younger than I really am.  Gooooo GENES! I did take that for granted until I had our son and not only see on a weekly basis just how quickly time flies - with every milestone, I am reminded of how time is passing b/c he's grown in another miraculous way (a year ago today, he couldn't walk a step and I was still carrying him home from our Nanny's, lugging his bag, my bags from work, and him).  Now, he trudges next to me, singing, talking, sometimes running ahead so ...more

Last Day of Drops - HcG Protocol, Days 47 & 48

11/10/10 and 11/11/10 - Day 47 and 48 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  173.8 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  174.8 lbs. Last blogged weight:  175.8 lbs. Difference:  - 2 lbs. Total loss:  - 19.7 lbs. Goal weight:  140 lbs   Well, our move continues - we made a pretty good dent in it today with the help of a pickup truck and two strong dudes to help.  We got quite a bit of big stuff over there, and we now have two mostly furnished living rooms ...more

How To Talk To Your Tween About Periods: A Parent's Guide

Saw your posting and appreciate the advice you offered. I am the Tampax and Always Community ...more

Question for the Own Your Beauty Campaign - Am I doing this Wrong?

I have a question for the Own Your Beauty Campaign. I have been following the stories, and I even have taken several pictures of myself for the November Challenge. Quite frankly, I was horrified by how I look when I don’t try. Maybe that’s the point. Maybe this is supposed to wake us up. I don’t know, but this morning I got out my hair dryer and my hair iron thingy; took a few extra minutes in the bathroom, and I look like a million bucks. My question is: Is that cheating?...more

This is actually something I've heard a bit -- does "own your beauty" mean not wearing any more ...more

Ageing: the natural or artificial way?

I’m not going to get into the issue of why I want to look my best as I age here. I don’t want to have a Naomi Wolf Beauty Myth – beauty as patriarchal oppression – versus Camille Paglia Sexual Personae – that women are biologically bound by their reproductive powers – debate here. I admit it, I’m a contradictory mix of the two, who incidentally both describe themselves as feminists....more

Yep, it's always good to feel good about yourself, but not to bow to pressure, wherever it comes ...more

Is trying to turn the clock back wrong?

Two days ago I had some freckles lasered off my face and hands. I also get a bit of botox every three or four months and have done for about a year and a half now. I also eat well most of the time and exercise to stay healthy and strong, but also to look better....more

Counting Down - HcG Protocol, Day 46

11/9/10 - Day 46 of HcG Protocol eating plan Today's weight:  175.8 lbs. Yesterday's weight:  176.8 lbs. Difference:  - 1 lbs. Total loss:  - 17.7 lbs. Goal weight:  140 lbs   Not much to report today - was a pretty busy day.  I had a basketball photoshoot at lunchtime at a school in downtown Dallas, so I missed my morning fruit snack completely and didn't get to have lunch until about 1:30 PM.  I had another photoshoot set for dinnertime - football this time - and d...more

Beauty Tips from Picasso

“Art is the elimination of the unnecessary,” said Pablo Picasso, and I wonder about symmetry being unnecessary to him. Picasso is one of those artists who has made a wild and important impact on the world of art, and yet, I will quickly admit that I don’t always understand what is so great about painting a woman and putting both her eyes on the same side of her face, her lips down on her chin and her right cheek up on her forehead. What is he trying to say, I wonder?...more


“We need to be very clear about what being beautiful means - being sexually appealing to men.”...more

Perhaps Amy's statement should read more like this:

"We need to be very clear about what ...more

Wrinkles on Your Face

What is happening to your face? Where did all those lines and wrinkles come from? A woman sits with a co-worker during her lunch break, commenting on the people passing by, "Look, there goes another one – not a wrinkle on her." "Of course not," the co-worker replies, "She's all of twenty-two, if that." "How about that one," the woman says, "No saggy cheeks. No turkey neck....more