I'm making  a quick come back to write a couple of entries in a series about my process to lose some weight and it's interesting effects.   ...more

As seen on TV

Things that grow I went out and drenched my plants with my fancy new poison. I even used my thus far unused  official looking neato spritzer thingy I bought at Poverty Barn last winter.  I looked like the Orkin man. ...more

World Food Week, Part 5

This is the Sobczynscy family of Poland. They spend about $151 on food each week for five family members, averaging about thirty dollars per member. The Sobczynscy family seems to have bought a lot of fresh foods and vegetables. How does this compare with the rest of the families we have featured? Are your family’s shopping habits similar or different? As with every family, we’d like for you to answer this question: Have they spent too much—too little—or just enough, and why? ...more

We are a Polish family as well, in the US. We feed a family of 5 and our weekly food purchases ...more

Finally...My Hair is Back! And the Lessons I've Learned While Waiting...

I realized something yesterday as I walked past a mirror and saw my reflection...I finally look like myself again! It's been a long time coming too. Last March I had to chop all of my hair off. The October before, it had started to fall out and what was left by the new year was a knotted frayed mess. Before it started to fall out in clumps, my beautiful blonde hair was long, healthy, silky and all the way down to my butt! However, due to adrenal inefficiency (that would take another year to truly diagnose) my body started to break down, starting with my hair. ...more

Summer Fashion Trends 2009!

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34 inches

On Saturday, I was looking for feminine hygiene products in my bathroom cabinets and stumbled upon my measuring tape. It was tucked in next to my flab pincher--aka body fat measuring/torture device--in the corner of a cabinet. ...more

Stand strong and stay powerful

Women apologize more frequently than men, it’s a fact. Most of the time we say “sorry” to be polite but it’s diminishing our credibility. Our power. Do you ever find yourself saying any of these phrases? • “I'm sorry, but I think...” • “I'm sorry you have to do this, but...” • “I'm sorry to bother you with...” • “I'm sorry, this might not be exactly what you wanted...” ...more

 I would also recommend it to men, and that sometimes would include, ahem, me. ...more

The Headline Says It All...

Ah, my heart went pitter patter when I opened my Google news reader. How could it not with a headline like this: "Childless is not a synonym for weird." The story goes on to attack the myths associated with women who don't have children. I didn't bother to read the comments since I know only too well the ugliness the very idea of "childless women" elicits in society.  ...more

I am very weird and I blame motherhood for that. Seriously.

Childfree and childless folks ...more

The Perfect Weight or The Perfect Fit?

There is a stomach bug running rampant through my kids’ school, which of course means that it passed through our home as well. And what you may ask does this have to do with obtaining my perfect weight? It means that after it hit me, I was my perfect weight – those last five pounds were gone – just like magic, well, not quite, but close enough. ...more

Dr. Elizabeth Jelks on Eye Surgery and Dry Eyes

Dear Dr. Pat, I am 54 years old and want to have surgery to correct the droopy skin of my upper eyelids and the puffy bags of my lower eyelids. People who know me well tell me that I look tired all the time even though I sleep well and am fortunately in good health. I am, as so many of us are these days, in a competitive job market and can not afford to be thought of as “tired.” I understand that eyelid surgery can result in dry eye, and I really would not want that. What are the chances that I will have this problem? Sharon ...more