The Curse Of The Blob

I was just innocently typing away on my computer yesterday when I made the mistake of looking down. Darn it! There it was.  A big blob sitting right below my breasts. Yes, folks.  A muffin top.  MY muffin top.  ...more

The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name: My Affair With Porcelana

I have two dark spots on my face. I probably should get them taken off but sigh, I have done that in the past and really, they are just two spots. So I have decided to use The Love That Dare Not Speak It's Name - Porcelana.Oh yes. THAT Porcelana....more

The Thrill of a Second Chance

Martha Carr, authorMy fifties started with a bang.  I jumped out of a plane, following behind the person I was interviewing for a book.  As soon as I was clear of the plane I felt myself relax and one clear thought came...more

I love being Naked!

Nude I remember the very first time when I discovered nude as a color. I always understood nude only to mean naked,or without clothing. However, one  day when my grandmother got dressed for church and I saw her sit on the side of her bed and roll, what look like to me, a layer of transparent skin, up her legs. She was putting on a pair of thigh high stockings....more

True Beauty: Honor the god or goddess in you.

Extreme makeovers are all the rage these days, with botox injection parties, and reality shows. Plastic surgery is on the rise. Many people are trying to match the extraordinary measures actors and actresses go through to look perfect on the screen. These are shortcuts taken to try to create happiness with a scalpel, a diet, or an implant, and they don’t fulfill their promise. Beautiful people are not automatically happy people. ...more

My Hair Is a Story. I Kept the Part About the Girl with a Backbone.

Somewhere around 2009, I decided to grow my hair out. To be 100% honest, as I always am on this blog, I decided to grow my hair because I thought I would be getting married in the next few years. Boy, did I miss the mark on that one (but found my Mark three years later ... wow, that was a cheesy pun)....more
Yup, definitely!more

Appropriate or Not? My Thoughts on Booty Shorts and See Through Clothes

  Recently, I've been in a rant on social media about appropriate dressing in public. I understand it's summer and it's hot, but that does not give girls the freedom to expose their bodies for all to see. Shorts are so short, you can see butt cleavage, along with see-through clothes with only bras underneath....more

Embracing Melissa McCarthy

As I’ve been doing press for my book, Finding Mr.Righteous, a frequent question I get is “Who will play you in the movie?”...more
brodigan Wear it proud!more

Get That Summer Glow


I gave myself permission to feel pretty (and it worked!)

I had another 'me' day this past Saturday. It seems like I have been doing that a bit lately. As a mom, I walk the very fine line between what I need/deserve and feeling guilty about spending time away from my family. Mom guilt is a son of a.... I may need to dedicate a whole post to this at some point. ...more