Rock’n a two-piece?

I am so grateful for my myriad of girlfriends. I don’t know how I did it, but I’ve assembled the most diverse group of girlfriends and I learn something from them everyday on how to live bold and also how to just survive motherhood. Recently, I was at the beach with one of my favorite living bold mentors and she pulled off her cover-up to reveal a bikini. Now I know this is not a big deal for many moms but for most of us with remnants of pregnancy and age draped on our bodies, it is crazy BRAVE. This particular friend of mine also wears an insulin pump....more

Confessions of a serial dieter

I've been on a diet all my life.  From Atkins to Zone, you name it, I've done it.  I've had a lot of success, losing tons of weight, but somehow, I only felt ok-ish.  I was ecstatic when I worked my way into a size 6, but really, my energy and drive were not where they should have been.  Plus, with all the intense calorie-counting and sugar-deprivation, I always, always, ALWAYS crashed and burned.  And I wouldn't just fall off the wagon.  Oh no.  I would fall, roll down the hill AND splash into the oce...more

Tips For Your Skin In The Summer Heat

Tips For Your Skin In The Summer HeatBy Christine Byrnes | Forever Pure

It’s my hair and I’ll make it blue if I want to

According to new industry statistics, women spend almost a month and a half of their lives at the hairdressers. That might seem a lot, but when we consider that another study tells us it takes exactly three seconds to form a first impression of someone, one month and a half suddenly doesn’t seem that much....more

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Nikki lost 103 pounds

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Nikki lost 103 pounds. Tired of feeling invisible and dealing with low self esteem, she decided that enough was enough.  She embraced healthy eating habits and worked out with DVDs at home to transform her body.  Here is her story:...more

Top 5 Diet Mistakes to Avoid

There are the top 5 mistakes that I always encourage people to AVOID when dieting and trying to lose weight.  These can hinder your weight loss efforts and even harm your health. ...more
I agree with most of what you're saying, except for 'Always remember that if you want to lose ...more


I know, I know...I know what you are all thinking "MILF!?!" Couldn't I had used something a little cleaner? MILF...Mom Is Losing get your minds out of the gutter. This blog is being used to motivate me so I needed something catchy. But if anyone still takes offense to it, credits of naming my blog goes to my supervisor Elly :)...more

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Jaymee lost 123 pounds

Weight Loss Story of the Day: Jaymee lost 123 pounds.  Wanting to be healthier and have more energy, she decided that it was time to start making gradual lifestyle changes.  She knows that slow and steady wins the race!  Here is what she shared with us about her weight loss journey:...more

5 Tips For Having Self-Control Over Your Eating Habits

What happens when food is more than food? What if food is your medicine or what helps you cope with life? Tantalizing meals and treats can take us on refreshing trips down memory lane or just away from reality.  This can feel like a blessing or a curse. While food may comfort us in the moment, be it because of boredom, depression, excitement, or loneliness, we are often just distracted from the larger issue at hand. Some people lose all sense of control when it comes to the intoxicating aromas and tastes creeping around kitchen corners or out of fast food bags....more

HIIT: The Calorie-Burning Routine You Can Do Anywhere

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is rising in popularity amongst the masses at supersonic speeds. Besides body weight training, HIIT is the top fitness trend of 2014. This upbeat, fast-paced method requires dedication, commitment, stamina, and endurance, but the results are well worth the effort. ...more
Thanks. Great way to burn fat.more