We Love Barbie...But We Need New Dolls.

The world first met Barbie, Mattel’s flirty fashionista, in March 1959. Today, every little girl’s best plastic friend shows no signs of retiring. Her supernatural ability to adapt to each generation and pick up brown or Latina girlfriends has spawned many imitators. Still, she reigns. So much has changed for women since Barbie's birth. Why does her model persist?...more

The Start of Something New

Hi Everybody,My name is Jessica, I am a Master's student in Kinesiology, and so naturally, I want to get people as fit as possible as fast as possible. I want people to train as hard as possible as long as possible, put their real lives on hold to exercise and eat low carb, low fat, and have 3 small but high protein meals a day.......or not....more

Happy Moments from the Weekend

Good morning! While it will no longer be morning by the time this post is published, the draft began at 5:30 this morning after a cancelled boot camp class. I woke up at 4:30 and it was raining just a little bit. We've had class with a slight rain before, so I got dressed and sipped coffee while I waited for the "Class cancelled" text. It never came, so I left for the park. I waited until 5:05, and when no one else showed up, I assumed everyone hit snooze this morning....more

Inhabiting (and Embracing) The Body I Have

For me it happened sometime in the last few years. I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘When did I start looking like this? Where did these wrinkles come from? And what is up with this back (arm, hip, back, [insert random body part]) fat? What the hell happened to me?’...more

Body Shaming Must Stop

It is a sad day when you realize body shaming has become part of daily life.  I spend part of every morning reading the news. Somewhere along the way, I started noticing daily articles talking about this woman being called “too fat” or another called “too skinny”....more

Recovery Plan

I haven’t run in two weeks. This is probably the hardest thing for any runner to do: take a break so you can heal and run again. There is a plan, though, and it is this plan that makes not running bearable....more

Brrring...Brrring...The 80's are Calling

It's been a brewin' for quite some time now.I went and got me a perm....more

Pregorexia, My Response #Womenslives

 This post may be sensitive to some readers. The shame that comes from struggling with an eating disorder is like no other, the judgement, side eyes, and disapproving gazes are enough to make you want to lock yourself away, so imagine going through it while you are pregnant....more

Wanna Feel Better About Your Body? Spend a Day at the Beach

Ask any woman and she will tell you that there are three things she hates to shop for: jeans, bras and swimsuits. Standing in front of a mirror, half-dressed, while cramming and tugging parts of your body into skimpy clothing better suited for someone half your age is no one’s idea of a fun day. And then add a D3 deficient, alabaster white body to the mix and you can see why I avoid the experience as long as possible. But then the promise of a soft sandy beach and free top-shelf alcohol beckon,s and I groan and make the dreaded trip to the mall. Time to put modesty aside and bare all....more