How to Lose the Pregnancy Weight

As a fitness fanatic, one of the hardest aspects of pregnancy for me was the weight gain. Regardless of exercising four to six days a week and eating the healthiest I ever had in my life, I still packed on a hell of a lot more weight than what is considered "normal." ...more
Breastfeeding \U0001f604more

My Daughter Asks Why 'American Idol' Contestants Are Judged on Their Looks

On Saturday night I let the kids stay up a little later. We were all kind of lazy and didn't feel like playing a game so we thought we might watch a movie. But it was past 8:30 p.m. and too late to start a movie, so instead I decided to check out the DVR to see what we had waiting for us. ...more

Top 5 reasons to be healthy and fit

Being healthy is one of the biggest things we need to do with ourselves.  We need to carve out time to exercise and be mindful of what we are eating & drinking, pretty much everything that we put in our body.  I have heard a dozen reasons why someone can not go to the gym, or they have to eat fast food because they do not have the time.  Well, i am telling you that you are making the biggest mistake of your lives.  So on here i am going to tell you in my opinion why it is so important....more

Body Talk: How I Really Feel About My Body

It dawned on me around November of last year when people were being struck down left and right with illness that I hadn't been sick for a single solitary day in the calendar year 2014.  Not once.  I actually had to check my blog to find out that the last time I got sick enough with a cold to miss a day of work was January 2013 and it had been a year prior since I was sick before that.  Last month there was one occasion where I had a weird cough and another that I felt a little stuffy at night for a few days but nothing that materialized into anything requiring a day off work,...more

On Squirting

This is about to get adult. Back away if you are uncomfortable. However, if you are female or are sexually attracted to anyone that has typically female anatomy, I hope you’ll stick around and listen up....more

The Beautiful People - a Short Story Excerpt

    I’m walking through the parking lot and the hot asphalt sears through the bottoms of my rubber flip flops threatening to turn them into sticky, melty piles of goo if I don’t hurry. I walk a little faster, feeling the scorching air hitting the tops of my feet, my half bare legs, my face, and my hair. Even my hair feels like it’s on fire. Phoenix in the summer is a hint at what hell must be like. ...more

Your Happy Weight :)

I read an article recently on Spark People (dear Spark, please chill with your website's ads!) about the effort it takes to be "lean." The author, Molly Gallbraith, discussed the effort she had to exert in order to be lean enough for a fitness competition. Her friend could easily live in a state of "perfect leanness," while Molly had brain-fog, was cold all of the time, and felt immense fatigue throughout her body....more

Fat Feminist Starting Out

This is a long time coming, I suppose. I am using this primarily as a journal of sorts, but if it somehow helps someone else who feels like they don't quite fit the mold then I couldn't be happier to bare my soul anonymously to the internet. I suppose the best place to start is the beginning and it will most likely take more than one post to cover the content which will be contained on this blog. ...more
I think I love you. I was skin and bones up until I hit puberty. I've been slowly gaining ...more