Love is...Always... in the Air

Today I want to dedicate some time to my boyfriend, Nick.  After all, he more than deserves it. ...more

Don’t Leave Yourself Out of Thanksgiving Gratitude!

 Thanksgiving is almost here - that time of year when “get your gratitude on!” is the game of the day. And indeed, you do have your gratitude well in gear.You are ready to express your gratefulness for your family, your friends, your job (maybe, could be a stretch), Pilates, football, the roof over your head, your pets, your new smart phone, the Macy’s sale, and lots more....more
I am grateful for my friends, loved ones, yoga, the rain and my life! Thanks for posting!!more

You are Beautiful

If you've ever struggled with Body Image this is for you: MK...more


WHEN YOU’RE ALL ALONE, BY YOURSELF, DO YOU LIKE YOU? Colbie Caillet’s new song & video has an amazing message. Have you heard it!?! Check out the video for TRY! I saw it earlier this week and just loved it. It’s message is about loving you for you and not trying so hard to be beautiful…because very simply — you already are beautiful just the way you are, no perfect make-up, trendy outfit, or fancy photoshop necessary. True beauty doesn’t need anything added. True beauty comes from within and shines out. Loving yourself for who you are is BEAUTY....more

Five 30 Day Fitness Challenges

During the holidays we're all tempted by various indulgences. Lets be honest -- it's hard not to give in. The key is not over indulging. To help keep you accountable this year I challenge you to a 30 day fitness challenge. There are a number of fitness challenges out there. Pick one that works for you. Maybe it's walking everyday for an hour or working on push-ups. The goal is to keep moving. Plus, you might think twice about the second cookie. Here are five 30 day challenges to get you started. ...more

Tell Your Scale to Go to Hell!

Dear Scale, I don’t like who I am with you in my day-to-day life. We’re breaking up! I broke up with my scale – that dirty witch. I used to let that drugstore piece of plastic determine how I felt about myself.It was a whole process to weight myself, too. First I’d make sure I didn’t even have a sip of water in the morning. I’d get naked. Go to the bathroom. Then I’d make sure that the scale was on an even spot on the bathroom floor – I couldn’t have some uneven spot in the floor jacking up my results....more

9 Months on. 7 Months Off

"Redux-Piss And Whizz - October 27, 2014"

My sea of piss, (which I described here last August 17th) is still with me from my condition delicately known as 'Overactive Bladder." But the tide has partially receded, thanks to my long-awaited injection (in my bladder) of Botox on September 25th. Yes, that same Botox. It freezes the bladder muscles so they can be retrained to hold and dispense urine at more appropriate times....more

You Matter

When this year’s convocation speaker finished, every teacher in the audience had two things on their mind: 1. “My classroom is nowhere near ready.”  2. “What are we having for lunch?”...more

And So It Begins.

I sat there staring at the screen trying to let the words sink in. Thigh gap.I mean, honestly, this couldn't actually be a thing, could it?As we all know not to do and immediately regret but we still do it anyways, I Googled it. T-h-i-g-h g-a-p * click * And there they were. Pasted before me were hundreds of girls and women with their feet perfectly placed together and there, between their tanned, toned legs, I found what I had hoped not to find. Gaps. ...more
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