My goal. It isn't that crazy.

I'm writing this as sweat is dripping from my forehead and arms onto the keyboard.  I am unashamed.  ...more

Jelly Belly Kelly

I was a fat kid. I got picked on, even by my own friends sometimes. But mostly from the boys, or the really skinny girls. I'm talking elementary and middle school KIDS. I was called "jelly belly kelly", "butterball", and any fat name a kid could think of. But I never really cared or let it get to me, or at least I thought... ...more

Workout Wednesday: Running Reflection

Workout Wednesday: Running Reflection Almost a year ago...on June 3, 2013 I decided to start training for a 15K. If you've read any of  my posts on running, you know that I had never run before this date. I actually hated running, made fun of it and said I had no interest in it....more

No, I Am Not An Hourglass And Never Will Be


The Body I Have Today

The body changes over time. This isn't a new concept. Male or female, the body changes and one accepts this as fact.As a woman who's had a child, my body has changed dramatically, in some ways. I'm not the only one this had happened to.Sometimes though I wonder my place in the world when it comes to my changed body. These changes happened over time, but relative to overall changes a body undergoes, the changes happened in an extremely short period of time....more

The Freshman Fifteen

The freshman fifteen...the curse of every college student.  What they don't tell you is that it doesn't just hit the kids...I didn't start college until age 50.  The last thing I expected was to put on weight!  Now how do I get rid of it????I barely have my work and sleep schedule figured out...when am I going to fit in a workout?  I know I need to...but I am so tired.......more

Society Obligates Poor Body Image

Originally published on ChapterTK.comI am living proof that being small does not save a person from criticizing their body or having ‘fat days.’ Almost every day, I follow the process I wrote about in Naked Salvation. Some days, it’s a struggle to find beauty in that mirror....more

A Letter to 11-Year-Old Me

A love note (to my younger self and any other kid who may feel ugly or alone right now.)...more

Big Hopes for 'Big Ballet'

I just finished watching the first episode of Big Ballet, Ovation network’s newest mini-series which chronicles a former Royal Ballet dancer’s mission to stage Swan Lake using ballet dancers that are considered too large for the mainstream ballet world.  I have to say: I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next episode!...more

Dear Uterus:

Hey Uterus,...more