Why Do Women Like to Talk about their Flaws?

When you get together with other women, do you invariably fall into the trap of bemoaning some physical thing you dislike about yourself? Like your muffin top or your droopy butt or the bags under your eyes? Or how you can't believe you're getting so old? (You just turned 40.) As much as I try not to, I know I do. There are many reasons we lapse into this self-negating talk, but Ashley writing at Nourishing the Soul made me think of one I hadn't considered before: our need to connect.--Mona ...more
Have you seen the 'real beauty sketch' commercials from Dove soap? Fascinating stuff : one ...more

"Help, My 7 Year Old's Worried About Her Weight"

Editor's note: It's a sad fact of life that many women worry about their weight, even when they're svelte. The day my two-year-old daughter has to worry about such things, I figured, was far off. Only this post by Michele suggests otherwise, detailing the moment her seven-year-old daughter asked "How many calories are in this granola bar, Mom? I don't want to eat too many calories." That's when it dawned on her that she should think twice about what she said about weight in front of her kids. It's a lesson I'm going to follow once my daughter approaches that age. – Judy ...more
This made me a little sad but it's so understandable considering the wealth of information and ...more

Swedish Department Store Opens Pandora’s Box with “Normal Sized” Mannequins – We Think It’s Awesome

This past week you all have probably heard about the "normal" size models Åhléns department store put up. First, it is in Åhléns Malmö and not in H&M like many news channels are saying. Second, everyone in the world has made it a huge deal except Sweden. And third, this is REAL and not a hoax. ...more
I think is is so awesome too! I'm from the Philippines and I want to share that article to all ...more

The Woes of Aging

I have never owned a wrinkle cream… and before a year ago, I had no interest in them. Then something happened. It seemed like my face aged exponentially in just a couple year's time. To the point that, for a while, all I could see was my new wrinkles when I saw a picture of myself. Then I noticed my eyelids were starting to sag. What?! I'm not yet thirty, why are my eyelids sagging?! Maybe this is normal. And maybe everybody goes through this aging crisis and overreacts a wee bit....more

Don't Judge the Obese

Editor's note: Obesity is a nationwide problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three adult Americans is obese, and it increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, Type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer—many of the leading causes of preventable death. As someone who tries to encourage people to make the best decisions for their health, I know I have at times despaired inwardly watching an extremely overweight person make what I considered unhealthy food choices. ...more
Wonderful post!  As someone who was almost 500 lbs and has lost over 200 lbs without surgery, I ...more

The Difference Between Online Criticism and Hate

There's not that fine a line between constructive criticism and hurtful commentary online as Hems for Her discovered on a recent post. The clear distinction comes when people stop addressing the image or the words or the facts at hand and start attacking the person herself. I love the confidence with which she addresses the people who aim to take her down, who fail at their task when she refuses to bite at their words. ...more
I think that it's natural thing o all human being to show  hatred once you feel frustrated by ...more

My Six-Year-Old Used the F-Word

No matter how careful we are with our own words at home, our children are going to hear it. Maybe from Grandma. Maybe from Grandpa. Maybe from that snit of a girl that lives down the street that's already too popular for her own good. Our children will hear it. They will internalize it. And one day, they too will use... the f-word. How do you deal as a parent? ...more
Mine get a stern look for even saying "Oooh, Mommy, that is F-worded up!" It's not the word, ...more

Can I Make Myself Feel Good about My Body?

I don't feel one way all of the time. I can be feeling great about the way I look, and seeing an unflattering photo can throw me into self-doubt. I can be feeling bad about myself and someone can compliment me and brighten my outlook. What doesn't seem to work well for me is telling myself how I should feel. ...more
I think we can change our ideas of health and body image by getting the media to stop miss ...more

Good Parents Aren't Scared to Put Their Kids on a Diet

In April's issue of Vogue, Dara-Lynn Weiss shares how she put her daughter on a diet. The piece, not online but in the magazine only, has created a flurry of opinions -- in support and against -- on the concept of putting overweight kids on diets and the manner in which it is or should be done. The controversial essay even landed Weiss a book deal. Jamila at Beyond Black & White recently wrote in support of the mother's actions, claiming that good parents put their kids on diets....more
Honestly, I was an overweight kid & sometimes I wish my mom put me on a diet when my doc first ...more

Baby Fat in a Bathing Suit: A Lesson in Confidence

I didn't lose the baby weight quickly after our last son was born, despite breastfeeding. I laughed at a certain line in Kami at The Fence because it was totally my experience. I also loved as she shared her journey -- in a bathing suit -- of learning to accept her new and different postpartum body. I'm still working on it. Are you? ...more