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2016 has come up with some new trends of fashion for those who love to reinvent themselves and discover their own beauty. Your dress sense describes your personality and reflects your mood. Here we have a list of some stunning styles that are going to help you update your wardrobe with fresh silhouettes. Pencil Midi Skirt
10 hours ago
“And then it happened.” Leslie Booth explains the horrifying moment she let a fart rip from her cheeks in the middle of a dead silent yoga class. “Everyone was staring!” And one thing is very clear. Leslie can never, NEVER go back to that class again.Don’t be a Leslie. Try these great options for fart free yoga pants!
13 hours ago
I've said repeatedly that I'm all about being casual and comfortable. So the question is, what do you do when you want to be casual, comfortable, feminine and just a teeny bit dressed up? My answer is to go for a truly comfy skirt. I love that this one is both flared (therefore not tight fitting) and has an elastic waist band. You can't get much more comfortable then loose and elastic - and how great is that? Plus - at $77.00 this skirt was a real steal. So next time you have an occasion, or just want to feel pretty - try getting your skirt on. I think you'll like it...
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Want to keep up on what's trending in style for august? click my link belowhttp://www.shanahforbes.com/home/2016/8/25/casual-vibes
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Happy #ThrowBack Thursday Luvs, and how's everyone doing today? I've already slurped up 3 cups of coffee and I'm way more hyped than anyone should be at Noon but all in all I can tell we have a beautiful day ahead! My entire look today was inspired by my favorite blue eye shadow and because of it I decided to share with your my Throwback Inspired Fit of the Day, Ya ready?
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I love perfume. I have ever since I was a kid. I love being near Century 21 where I