Elevated Basics

[top: forever 21 (similar here) shorts: madewell (old) jacket: forever 21 (similar here & here) shoes: madewell (old but love these) sunnies: celine (similar here) jewels: c/o alexis bittar (here & here) jennifer meyer, alexis russell, c/o amy waltz designs, and tory burch] Ever walk into your closet, surrounded by clothes but feel like you have nothing to wear? Yup, it pretty much happens to me on a daily basis, which is why I’ve been trying to streamline my wardrobe. I’ve decided to invest in pieces that I know I can hold onto forever, then the rest will be focused on elevated basics that can be styled in a number of different outfits ....more

Makeup Monday: Best (New!) Summer Beauty Products

I used to stay up on all the latest beauty news and launches but have been lagging for the last couple of years—I feel like I miss out on so much! Yesterday though, I spent the day at the Generation Beauty by Ipsy event in Downtown LA and had the chance to try out (and receive!) some very new (most aren’t even available yet!) and very cool beauty products. Below are five that stood out the most to me: 1 ....more

Baby Grayson | 1 Month

I'm a little late in posting these...he's actually (technically) closer to 2 months old now... better late than never, right? Life with two kids is easier in a lot of ways than I imagined (likely due in large part to Grayson's sweet and easy going personality) but it's...more

Summer In Seattle by Joy Lacquer – Part 2

Press Sample Good evening everyone! ...more

A Tribal Romper

On Friday I put a little teaser on Instagram about my outfit from the week before that I had not yet shared, my tribal jumpsuit that I purchased last year at Forever 21. The weather is beautiful, spring is finally here. I wanted to find an outfit that was not only appropriate for a Friday at the office but would take me to the Makeup and Dessert session by Burberry. ( I was not sure of appropriate dress code so I was figuring casual but funky might work) I paired the Jumpsuit with the lace Cardigan  ...more

New hairstyle tutorial – A twist on the topsy tail

Do you remember the topsy tail? Well here’s a twist on that look for a simple half-up hairstyle that you can do in seconds. I’ve been playing around with more half-up styles lately as I love wearing my hair out but get frustrated by tucking it behind my ears all day long ....more

French white and rose gel polish - at home

There is another french white gel polish manicure for one of my friend!...more

Basic Manicure - Do it at home!

The proper preparation prevents nail's problems, so be careful and use preparatory liquids every time on every nails before applies gel. It takes only a couple minutes to do the preparation. That is the finish look of a prepared nail: First of all, setup your table or working area and sanitize your tools....more