Blog Anniversary Giveaway!

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Bisbigli swimwear collection 2014!

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Things I Love: Lucy Activewear

Several weeks ago – like right when we got home from the hospital – Lucy Activewear emailed me to see if I wanted to try out some of their new yoga capris and tanks. Knowing that I needed to start working on my fitness again – and also knowing that I love Lucy to death – I happily said yes. And boy oh boy am I glad that I did....more

Giveaway: Makeup Goody Bag Stuffed with Makeup!

It's been a while since I've done a giveaway with makeup rather than skincare products, so in celebration of the Fourth of July, I'm giving away a makeup bag jam packed with makeup products and samples....more

I gave myself permission to feel pretty (and it worked!)

I had another 'me' day this past Saturday. It seems like I have been doing that a bit lately. As a mom, I walk the very fine line between what I need/deserve and feeling guilty about spending time away from my family. Mom guilt is a son of a.... I may need to dedicate a whole post to this at some point. ...more

Maxi Fashion

When it comes to fashion, simple and comfortable is the best option. That doesn’t mean that the term “simple and comfortable” can’t be turned into something fashionable! Our two favorite clothing items during the summer are rompers and maxi dresses. These pieces of clothing have a nice flow to them that don’t make you feel unmovable, which their counterparts can do. Skip having to put together outfits because these items are fairly simple, all you have to do is just throw them on....more

5 Easy Tips for Longer Hair

It’s been said that hair growth is hereditary. That no matter what you do, the length your hair will grow is ultimately predetermined by genetics. Whether (or not) this is true, one thing is for sure: Growth is only one component of hair length. No matter how long your hair grows, if you treat it like crap and zap it of all its moisture, it’ll fray like the hem on a pair of blue jean cut-offs. ...more
Hi, Valerie! And tell the truth: Her hair looks awesome, doesn't it? Smart woman (and ...more

Summer Beauty: Decoding the Drugstore

 Everyone wants to look good and feel good, especially in summer, but the cost and the time it takes to shop for the right beauty and personal care items can be overwhelming.What’s actually inside those products that we put in and on our bodies? What’s right for you? And what should a summer medicine cabinet makeover include?Sophie Uliano, New York Times bestselling author of the Gorgeously Green series, shares some great  shopping tips....more

Keep It Separate.

The Zara sale was quite fruitful for me. (When is it not?) This shorts suit is my fave from the haul. I love the almost-matching checked print, scuba material, and the wide ruffle at the hem. Coordinating separates are big right now, but I know I’ll dig these pieces broken up as part of other outfits as much as I like them matched together....more