#CakeWithCashmerette aka How to Fight Fat-Shaming Internet Trolls

When fashion blogger Jenny Rushmore, more commonly known as Cashmerette, posted a pic to her Instagram of a sketch she made of a voluptuous woman in a bikini with the hashtag #beachbodyready, she could never have imagined the series of events that would soon unfold. While scrolling through the comments in response to her post, Rushmore noticed one in particular, a young man telling her that he was disgusted by her body and that she should eat less cake. ...more
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3 Big Reasons to Rethink Wearing Flip Flops

Last month while shopping in Target, I witnessed a lady totally eat it. I helped her stand up and she said she had "slipped" on the floor. I saw the whole thing. Unless, she meant tripped when she said slipped and her flip flop when she said the floor, she lied like a rug. After I witnessed that little incident, I decided I would write a post on flip flops. ...more
Hi there! So you've been having to deal with that pain for 7-8 years?!? I am so, so sorry you ...more

Double Dutch Braid Tutorial

A couple weeks ago, I posted this double braid on my Instagram, and a couple of people asked how to do it. I have no idea how I ended up with it, though, other than trying to get the appearance of a really thick braid. You will laugh at how simple this is! ...more
That is a gorgeous look, and is far easier to achieve than I thought it would be. I got to rock ...more

Make These Chic Twist Headbands in 5 Minutes

Have you ever tried counting all the T-shirts you have in your house? With a husband and four kids, I have tons at my house and it would probably take me forever to pull them all out and count them. But that's boring, so instead I decided to pull out a few with cute colors and prints, and I made some of these chic twist headbands. Five minutes is all it takes to sew together one of these cute headbands. And the bonus? Making these helped to clean out my house! Score one for me! ...more
lovejoystyles - These were so simple to make and the beauty is, these t-shirts were shirts my ...more

Teacher Drag: How One Hashtag Turned Me Into a Fashionista

What started as a sweet inside joke between me and my mom grew into something much larger. My friends started texting me how they loved seeing my outfits, and when I changed the privacy settings on my Instagram and made it public, I suddenly had a slew of fashionistas (and teachers) liking my posts and following me. ...more
Great read. The photos aren't showing up :( . But still a great post. :Dmore

The Super-Cute Shoe You Need This Summer

Have you picked out a pair of espadrilles to add some summery kick to your warm-weather wardrobe? If you haven't, you might need to add a pair to your summer shoe rotation. These shoes with woven jute or hemp heels add an instant summer style upgrade to any outfit. ...more
Right? Totally cute. - Karenmore

Ways to Wear: Red, White and Blue

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Patriotic Red, White, and Blue French Tip Manicure

I just realized that the Fourth of July is this weekend. Where, oh where does the time go lately? I decided that I would dedicate this week to different patriotic nail art looks. I had to scramble to get done, but I love how it turned out! I went for a twist on the typical French manicure for this look. ...more

How to Make a Cute Summer Skirt

If you want a cute new skirt to wear this summer but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, I have a great pattern for you. This skirt is so easy to make, you will want to make a bunch! ...more

What to Pack for a Trip to Alaska

This breakdown is strictly for summers in Alaska; winter is a whole other novel I could write. The most important thing to pack is layers. The weather changes faster than my opinion on what I want for dinner. You can seriously experience all weather varieties in one day. Rain, sun, wind, snow: It can all happen, even in the summer. So, layers, people, l-a-y-e-r-s.  ...more