How to Curl Hair ~ Video Tutorial


10 Expert Tips for Buying Lingerie

This week I decided to focus on Love! It is Valentine's Day week, so that's what is on everyone's mind. I wanted to start off with what usually comes at the end of Valentine's Day: LingerieYup, I have been in the lingerie business for 7 1/2 years, and a lingerie connoisseur for even longer. I thought I would share some tips for those shopping for themselves and those who are shopping for something sexy for their partner.Here are my 10 tips: ...more
Excellent tips:  washing before wearing is often forgotten. I would add shopping as acouple, ...more

2013 Grammys Fashion Recap: Never Mind the Dress Code, Look at All That Skin!

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards came with some much-mocked dress code restrictions -- "no side boob" or "butt crack" was to show on this year's red carpet. Nevertheless, celebrities came dressed to impress. In fact, I think there was a bit of a rebellion going on, considering all the skin that was showing, especially The Leg Out trend. ...more
Lots of stunning looks this year.  There were several dresses that made me say, "What was she ...more

How To Stay Red Carpet-Ready Like Beyonce at the Grammys

It was Grammy Awards night, and what that means in 2013 is another night on the red carpet for Beyonce, fresh off of her Super Bowl half-time appearance last week. All entertainment eyes seem to be on Bey all of the time, but this season, and on Grammy night? They're magnified. ...more

Serums to Keep Skin Swoonworthy for Valentine’s Day

By now, you must have heard of them: facial serums. I always like to say that serums are like little skincare specialists. They offer targeted solutions for different issues, depending on your skin type and needs, but all of them are fantastic. Ultimately, serums can help your skin tremendously. The molecules in a serum are much smaller than that of a cream, which allows it to penetrate the skin more easily. You can get deeper into the layers of your skin to places a regular moisturizer can’t reach. ...more
i cant stand using serum, dont know whymore

Glammy Shoe Shot In Honor of the Grammy Awards

Although none of us will be walking the red carpet this weekend at the Grammy Awards, we decided to go with a "rock 'n roll" theme this week in their honor.  Do notice that country music was also represented here by cowboy boots.  Val claims that she no longer owns "rock 'n roll" shoes so her boots had to represent!  Melinna Gershik...more
Love it!more

Red Carpet Beauty Trend: Berry Lips

Did anyone see how flawless Amber Riley’s makeup was on the red carpet at the SAG awards? Um, I did! Amber is one of my favorite celebrities to watch because her style and makeup are always on point. Now, I would be lying if I didn’t say my admiration for Amber is a little jaded because she has a beautiful deep brown complexion that I can relate to. ...more
Love it! My lips are so pale naturally, but I would love to try a lighter version of this.more

Skyfall's Berenice Marlohe Masters Smokey Eye Shadow Trend

Let me preface this post with a panicked statement: a portion of my bottom lash line is beginning to be impervious to eye makeup. Eek! ...more
the smoky eye shadow is really a trend to look upto, and it really looks well on your eyesmore

Jessica Alba's Orange Lip Pops on the Red Carpet

Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes. Two words: Ah-mazing. That orange creamsicle lip stole the show! Over here at The Beauty Mark we love ourselves a bright lip. Here’s our demonstration of how to get Jessica’s look: ...more
There are many people who care about beauty trends.  If it isn't something that interests you, ...more

Old Hollywood Glamour Waves Make a Red Carpet Comeback

In lieu of tight updos and loads of hairspray, this year's award show season has surprisingly seen an abundance of soft, natural looking waves reminiscent of the 1920's. I love the combination of seemingly no-fuss hair and an ultra glamorous dress! The best part of this trend- is that we normal folk can wear it in our every day lives! ...more