This is Pedro

This is Pedro.He's a chippen (chihuahua, min-pin mix).I rescued him 6 years ago. When I saw him I fell in love. We (I was happily married at the time) were finally ready to have a pet.   He has the worst breath ever.He’s 100% treat motivated, he will do NOTHING unless I’ve got something food related on offer. (in other words I’m a terrible dog trainer)!...more
since I can't figure out how to attach the photo here it ...more

I'm Not a Hoarder...Yet

Two of our cats have come from the farm, though. Bubba found Harry Potter in the middle of the road one night. He had a big scratch on his tiny head, which christened him with his name. Mokey, as a kitten, was siphoning heat from a mama goat that had its head stuck in a gate and couldn't move. When Bubba freed the goat, out popped Mokey. We kept them, and they grew into obese, lazy, spoiled indoor cats....more

Love I Never Felt Before

I hear the expression, I’ve never thought I could love so much until I had a child. Well, this is not exactly that, but I think it’s close (I don’t mean to insult or negate human mother-child connection).   My mother loves all animals. Growing up I always had one or two four-legged sisters and brothers.   ...more

All The Nyans....

NaBloPoMo Post #1All The Nyans, Part One: We call all the little mammals in the house "Nyans," even the fox. "Nyan" is the Japanese word for the sound that a cat makes, and it is also a video which became a meme a few years back.  ...more

When Your Horse Falls In a Hole.

Horses fall into holes all the time. Metaphoric holes; the really tricky kind that jump up and surprise you when you least expect it....more

Kona's Adoption Story

It seems, these days, that every single blogger is having a baby and posting the baby's birth story on a page dedicated to all things labor and delivery.And here I am, still perfectly content with being a dog mom. So, in order to keep up with the Jones', I'll take advantage of this trend and share Kona's adoption story with you....more

How to Travel With a Dog

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Nice! Staying hydrated, packing healthy snacks, and taking along a few favorite things to keep ...more

Award-Winning Cockroaches and Beached Manatees

This is my bedroom.I like my bedroom.It’s dark and cool.It’s comfortable.The mattress is firm.The pillows are fluffly.Getting into bed is a wonderful endto most days –not generally an olympic event....more
Sound like a first-timer in Fort Worth. Before the move to Costa Rica, we were 20 minutes away. ...more

Holy Cow, Batman

The cow. Got out.Repeat after me: Green Acres is NOT the place to be. Farm living is NOT the life for me.My husband, the cowboy, was out of town. WAY out of town, buying a registered quarter horse, because… you know… we didn’t have one yet.I was hosting “Friday Night Hangout”, where a bunch of high school kids would come over to the house on Friday Nights to – you guessed it – hang out.And since the cow (affectionately known as “Patty”) was a relatively new phenomenon at our place, the kiddos wanted to go out and see her....more
kathybrowndavis Hahaha!  No, the cowboy was frustrated that I called him.  "What was I supposed ...more