How much is that doggie in the window?

I lived with a dog most of m...more

'Friday the 13th' Pug Style!

Pugs get into the act in this parody of the classic horror flick, 'Friday the 13th!' -PJ Gach...more

An Argument Against the Whip.

There is a time-worn adage about whips. Just like bits or spurs, whips are only as cruel or kind as the rider using them. Maybe.My mentor rarely rode with a whip, but if she did, she carried two. The most challenging horses loved her. Her corrections were impossibly quick and always fair. She was twice as quick to reward. The conversation with her hands, on the bridle and whip, were eloquent and resistance-free. Riding is an art....more

My Dog Babies

My youngest son is preparing to go away to college in August, and while I am freaking out, part of me knows I will be primarily okay because I have two dog babies to waddle away my time during my newfound free schedule. Many people shudder when you talk about your animals like children, but the fact of the matter is, THEY ARE CHILDREN! I always say my pooches are from my dog-womb. As the main care-taker in this house - NO ONE ELSE LIFTS A FINGER TO TAK CARE OF THE DOGS UNLESS PAID - I feel quite motherly toward my 15 year old pit-bull and 7 year old Shih tzu....more

why rescue dogs are worth it

Jarrod and I have been binge watching Game of Thrones lately. In a recent episode, a flock of crows was shown, flying and making their loud-ass "caw caw" noises. Rosie was dead asleep, but she woke up suddenly and started barking like crazy at the tv. I've also caught her barking at crows when we're in our yard....more

Inspiration from Ruby Ranch Horse Rescue.

Some rescue groups prove their point by showing graphic photos of the very worst cases of abuse and neglect. These horrific images cower in a dark corner of my brain forever. Their torture leaves a mark on us, too....more

My very own BUDDY

"I think it took us about a month of going through every crazy name under the sun and we still never found the perfect name for him. Somehow, without it even being considered, everyone just started calling him “Buddy” because we had no idea what to call him. So it stuck. "WOW>!!!That is exactly how my Buddy got his name too. I volunteered at Tabby Town in Cheektowaga, NY. I wanted to be around cats but not wanting to commit -just yet....more

There Are Wild Dogs Terrorizing My Neighborhood

I was once quoted saying that my neighborhod looks like something out of "The Wonder Years." Each summer, we greet the warming weather with block parties and lemonade stands. Mommies push strollers past well-maintained lawns of neat single-story homes. Children ride their bikes on sidewalks, then rest in the shade of leafy trees. ...more

My 8 year old daughter is in love, and I couldn't be happier (spoiler: this story will melt your heart!)

Just two weeks ago, my sweet little girl fell in love.I knew it was coming and I did nothing to prevent it.  You might even say that I spurred it along.We celebrated CurlyQ's 8th birthday and a week later, she finally got to hold her gift: a 13 week old English Springer Spaniel puppy.She named him Sam....more

Walter Sings the Songs of his People.

Walter, Tomboy, & Preacher Man supervising chores....more