What Should I Do With My Wandering Cat?

I hope you love cats. I guess a lot of people do, considering how many people own them. A lot of people love cute cat videos and kittens doing sickeningly sweet things like falling down when they are learning how to jump. I am not one of those people. I'm not heartless, okay? I just don't love cats....more
So, since this post, the cat has peed on me in the middle of the night two more times AND peed ...more

Spray It, Wipe It (a Cleaner for Hardwood Floors)

I love this stuff.  Before I get into what this stuff is, please note I am not getting paid for reviewing this product by the manufacturer, nor the retailer I purchased it from.  I am sharing simply because I can and I care, and this stuff has made my life a lot easier, and I hope I can brush that off a little on you.Do you have pets or toddlers/young children at home? You will love this stuff too.  It's Begley's natural hardwood floor cleaner....more

Don't Let The Start STOP You!

I have a confession friends and it's one I'm not entirely excited to share.   I used to be ashamed of being out with Cody... ...more

Have You Considered Raw? What Our Dogs Eat - Part 1: How We Decided What Diet To Feed Norman & Cody

 This post will cover some less than savory topics (bowel movements, Cody's original issues, diet choices, etc.)   We do not think there is ONE best way to feed all pets.  Each animal's case is unique and as such we are only stating what we decided was BEST for NORMAN and CODY and not advocating for any specific diet or lifestyle...just sharing our own journey. ...more


Our dogs are the cutest. Not biased at all. We have a small Shih Tzu named Sally, and a Frenchie/Boston Terrier mix named Radley. Sally was C’s dog and Radley was mine, and when we decided to live together, they were forced to do so as well. I say forced because they hated each other at first, but now they are totally kosher for the most part. ...more

Make This Adorable Cat Lounge From a Cardboard Box

For some reason, cats love jumping inside boxes. And I had SO MANY boxes after the holidays! A stylish lounge seemed like the perfect fit for Indigo. ...more
Love it! I've got a cat castle made of cardboard in my basement - gotta stock up on the fabric ...more

The Everyday Value of Dressage.

 Is your horse a different person under-saddle?...more

Doggy Differences

https://k1kat.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/doggy-differences/ http://k1kat.wordpress.com...more

Cody The Caterpillar

When I snapped this photo yesterday, it sort of made me giggle - he's cute, ya know? The more I looked at the photo though - the more my heart surged with love for the challenge ahead, for what our 'little' Caterpillar was up against. ...more

Who is Cody The Chubby Shiba Inu