A Better Riding Dress

Last week I went riding in a dress.First, the important things. In true pony club approved fashion I *was* wearing a helmet.What was not pony club approved was the way the bottom of the dress kept flapping up around my cranial region instead of keeping my *caudal regions securely under wraps.*Do they even use “caudal” in human med? Or is it “posterior” (which we dont’ use in vetmed)? Now I know what my Dear Logical Reader is going to say....more

How to Help Your Dog Overcome Her Fears

When we first got our dog, Tasha, she was very afraid of the shower, even to the extent that she would not go into the bathroom while we were in there. She is usually a dog that sticks right by our sides all the time. Recently, a Facebook friend posted a comment about how her dog is afraid of her new office chair. Everyone gets phobias that can be debilitating if left unsolved. For me, that phobia is lightning, but everyone has something and dogs are no exception....more

A Loveable, Annoying Pet

Shadow was the most quirky, amusing and utterly annoying pet we have ever owned. A drooling, big black lab mix with overgrown feet and an overgrown personality, Shadow was an integral part of my children’s lives for 13 years.This dog grew up with cats.They could cuddle up beside him or lay on top of him and he barely raised an eyebrow. He tossed mice and fish around like a cat and sometimes he played more like a cat than a dog....more

'War Dogs' enthralls with tales of canine devotion and defense, from PTSD therapy to battle

Whether you love dogs, are interested in the use of canines for the military, or want to learn more about the psychology of soldiers in battle and at home, "War Dogs: Tales of Canine Heroism, History, and Love" is written for you. Author Rebecca Frankel explores every aspect of military dogs in a compelling style that will touch your heart and soul....more

Horse Abuse: The Emotional Aspect of Physical Abuse.

 I boarded the first horse I owned as an adult. It gave me something I hadn’t had in the past: a barn family....more

Furry Friends Forever: Introducing Your New Cat to Your First Dog or Cat

   So you’ve gone and done it....more

New Additions! {Nope no babies YET}

So we finally got some chickens......more

Bringing Home Kitty: How To Introduce a New Cat to the Home

My cat, Buddy, lounging on his preferred ...more

Scaredy Cat! He Hisses Every Halloween!

A Halloween GiftWhen my daughter was about three-years old, my mother-in-law made a Halloween decoration for us. It stood the same height as my daughter at the time, and it looks just like a wee girl in a ghost costume.  A sheet with black circles for eyes appears to be draped over a head and upper torso, with toddler-sized floral sweatpants peeking out below....more


It’s been that kind of day.To top it off, I came home and Zush is hurting again.The yelp is back, albeit it very sporadic.The Zusher needs to be monitored constantly. Unfortunately, I have to be at work and Jim is busy during the day.When I left her this morning there was no yelp. This afternoon, I cam through the door and it’s almost being back at square 3.She isn’t constantly yelping. I wish she wasn’t yelping, period....more