Waiting out the storm with the Dogs of War.

 Profound courage on guard detail....more

Nothing Like Kittens After A Long Day

Growing up as a dancer, something that obviously requires physical energy and athleticism, I often didn't think about how exhausting it can be to "just" use my brain. Sitting and working doesn't seem like it's that tiring because I'm not doing anything physical, yet it still takes quite a lot of energy to use your brain power.Surprisingly, sitting around (falling asleep) while listening to other people talk can be even more exhausting. That's what I did today.I had jury duty....more

Fun with Fur Babies

When I encounter a lot of childfree people, I tend to see a common theme: complete and utter gratitude for the furry beings in their lives. Many people out there seem to really pour their maternal and paternal energies into raising their dog or cat. You see lots of pictures of fur babies on Facebook which go in direct competition with the bazillion other postings of real life babies who are smiling, drooling and getting all dressed up for their baptism....more

How to Befriend a Snobby #Cat

They come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common: They are snobs and they don't need anyone who needs them.But beneath the haughty aloof fur-ball on four legs is a cat that also likes to snuggle.You may only have two legs but you can match their vibe plus extend graciousness that will inspire them to show that they too can be gracious.1) Posture and prance in slow motion. Show comfort in your skin. You are complete, with or without the company of a fellow almighty....more



Peachy Keen - Light Warrior!

Back in March I got a little rescue dog and after knowing her for the last 8 months I ask myself - who rescued who?...more

Loving an old man dog

Maybe if I lay on it, she won't try to put it on me again."You have to live forever," I told our then-12-year old Maltese-Bijon, Goliath....more

Graceless Gracie

When my husband and I got married nearly two years ago, we felt it was the natural next step to bring a baby into our family too. So when we discovered a litter of pugs was on their collective way, we put dibs on one of the pups. And life hasn’t been the same since. When she was born, we went to visit Gracie who still needed to be with her mama. We were all instantly smitten and there was no turning back. ...more
Thanks Emilie! They're part of the family. :)more

I Forgot to Reset the Cat

That extra hour that comes with the autumn "fall back" is something I look forward to.  Even though I know it comes with early darkness, leafless trees, and the chill and snow of winter.  This year, I remembered to change all of the clocks and devices  that don't automatically adjust.  Well, all but my car clock that takes two or three tries to stick....more

My Dog Can TALK!

She stood there.  Staring.  At.  Me.  It was kinda creepy. But I get her.  I knew exactly what she was saying.  She said,"Mom, don't you know that at my age, it is not good to leave me alone that long."...more