Tagg GPS Pet Tracker, Piece of Mind

I spent a decent part of my childhood trying to find Patches, our family dog.  He loved to run and explore however we did not always find him.  And he did not always remember his way back home.  The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker has changed searching for your favorite pet forever and made it much easier on everyone....more

Goodbye, Grisabella

I am sad to tell you that we had to say goodbye to our beloved mama cat Grisabella after she took a sharp turn for the worse this past week. We know we made the right decision to free her from suffering, but our hearts and home are a little emptier and we miss her beautiful self. ...more
EmiliePeck Thank you so much. She really was lovely, and we miss her so much.more

An Exclusive Excerpt of Finding Mr. Righteous

A few months ago my first book, Finding Mr. Righteous, was released on Kindle and hardcover.  A Christian-in-name-only, I dated freely in spite of my insecurities. An Atheist. A Catholic. A Quaker. A Preacher. A Jew. Some gave me the answers I yearned for, while others left me with more questions....more

All natural pet shampoo makes for one bouncy, happy pet.

All natural pet shampoo makes for one bouncy, happy pet. Using all-natural pet shampoos is the best option for your dog or cat, your family, and also the environment. There are numerous recipes for creating natural pet shampoos, which will help pets with all types of ailments and conditions including allergies, dermititis and fleas. Following this article, you will find a recipe to a simple,.....more

Not a Fairytale: The Sly Fox

Remember those fables you were told as a child about the sly fox and the dumb chicken or goose? Well they are based on fact, hard cold facts. No word better described our intelligent, resident fox. Red consistently fooled our dumb guard dog by laying his foxy scent in pointless circles. He knew that Shadow, our dog, would follow his nose mindlessly and not use his eyes. However, we soon discovered that Red was even more adept at nabbing chickens than outwitting our dog....more


The other day we found a baby/juvenile skunk that had fallen into the foot-deep well around our crawlspace. We consulted animal control, put down wood (in a non-threatening manner so as not to get sprayed) for the little fella to use as a ramp outta there, and went back inside. Later that day, we checked the well and the yard. No skunk. Or so we thought. Turns out the skunk had decided to curl up under our hostas for a siesta. Two of our wee three dogs found the skunk and yapped at him. This irked the skunk, who spritzed my idiot dogs with skunkum juice. ...more

5 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

I took up gardening the year after we moved to my current house, Chateau Travolta. I never suspected myself of being a gardener, but it turns out I get immense pleasure from watching the yearly cycle of rebirth. Also, the flowers make my deck look less weathered. Up until this year, the deer rampant in my neighborhood stayed away from my deck and so I didn't have to take any precautions around my perennials. But this year, THIS YEAR! They ate my buds. And now, it is war. Here are the top five solutions I found in my anti-deer research....more
Yesterday I looked out my window to see that almost all of the buds of my beautiful hostas had ...more

10 Ways Humans Benefit By Adopting Cats

Most of you already know that June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, and this year I think we kitties should step up our game. There are lots of homeless cats out there that need our help. So I hope you will all put on your thinking caps and come up with new ways to promote cat adoption — and that those of you who blog will write posts about what you come up with....more
This is so cute! I agree with each point. Then again, three adopted kitties are currently ...more

How much is that doggie in the window?

I lived with a dog most of m...more

'Friday the 13th' Pug Style!

Pugs get into the act in this parody of the classic horror flick, 'Friday the 13th!' -PJ Gach...more