When Horses Go Through Menopause.

 Disclaimer: I’m not a vet. Or a doctor. But someone has to talk about it....more

A Princes & A Taco Walk Into A Bar...

Well, not really...Tobie & Mia would probably get into a lot of trouble in a bar! The packing continues and much to their chagrin most of their toys have been packed away. Although T & M know exactly what box their goodies are in and check on it quite frequently. I'm sure it will be first box unpacked on Sunday at the new house.  Despite how chaotic things have been I wanted to pop in today and share a few festive pictures of these little cuties....more

Do I Regret Saving a Life? Rescuing a Troubled Dog

A few months ago, Tasha tried really hard to play with another dog in the apartment complex. She scared the dog and the dog attacked....more

Pet Product Review: BarkLogic Natural Leave-In Conditioning Spray

Need something to soften your dog’s coat? BarkLogic does that and more! -PJ Gach...more

Living Free Range

Living Free RangeIt's a clear night here in Texas, a cool 65 degrees, lots of stars out.  On clear nights like this, you can hear the train whistle, some three miles north of us, as if it were just outside the house.  It's on these clear nights, the coyote yelps seem pretty close as well.  All is locked up tight, but I still worry when the dogs beg to go out.   It's not just the chickens living free range here....more

Keep Your Pets from Getting Scared This Halloween

Holidays can be a stressful time for our pets, and each one brings a new set of challenges. Halloween is no exception. A few simple tweaks to your Halloween routine, however, can go a long way toward keeping your pets safe....more
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What You Can Do about Animal Cruelty

I love animals and, much like Literally, Darling’s editor-in-chief, I love animals more than people. My primary concern in horror movies is when/if the animal in the cast is going to meet its grisly death—screw the people. I still remember a book that I read in the sixth grade where a nasty character drowned puppies in a scene, after which I promptly stopped reading the series. My dreams (that smack more of nightmares) center around rescuing animals from creatively abusive owners....more

Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

photo Kathy Piper Email: smilefornoreason06@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.smilefornoreason.net/ ...more

Guppy Buyer Beware

Guppy Buyer BewareThe only experience I ever had with keeping fish in a tank, was goldfish.  You know, the one or two you get as a prize at school carnivals, but that never turned out well.  So, after doing a little research (should have done a lot of research), we decided to try guppies....more