Ambigious Advice for Raising Children... or Dogs

Crate train your little one. I guess a crib might work too. But they're the same thing; they both have bars, and your little one can't get out of either of them. They're like little jails! How neat. And if you can't afford a crib, just buy a crate! ...more

Barnyard Salon: Alpaca Shearing Day

Editor's Note: Deb's account of shearing her nine Alpacas is a fascinating peek into how the animals' fibers are painlessly removed, especially the "blanket" area. The results are wrapped in paper and stored to eventually be made into super-soft yarn, hats and socks. Thankfully, along with a professional shearer, her mind-reading mom was also on hand to help: -- Heather...more
You must have some well-trained animals!  I am a spinner and a weaver, and part of the whole ...more

Dog Bans: Rethinking Breed-Specific Legislation

Over 600 cities have enacted breed-specific laws about dogs, including my former home, Denver, which banned the pit bull breed. But this blogger and dog lover cites plenty of research -- such facts from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) -- to argue against such laws. What do you think?...more

Housetraining The Dog: Patience Required

Editor's Note: Other than setting up a fresh lawn and fire hydrant in the house, how can a dog owner avoid potty accidents? Lots of training, patience and luck, it seems. Any training tips? Please, DO share. --Heather...more

Spoil the Pooch: Anti-Itch Dog Biscuits

Editor's Note: Itchy dog? Scratchy beast? This doggie mom set about finding a tasty solution and put together a tasty biscuit recipe for her pups. --HeatherSome dog breeds are susceptible to dry skin and itching. German Shepherds are one of those breeds. I sweep up a new poodle every day in GSD dog hair. There's got to be a solution. At least, I'm hoping so....more

One Hilarious Goat Birth

Editor's Note: It's close enough to the weekend where we can start sharing the funniest goat birthing stories we've ever heard, right? This one from Valentine's Day is still my favorite. --Heather...more

Rabbits Disapprove of Giving Rabbits for Easter

Editor's Note: Thinking about a cute baby bunny for Easter? DON'T, unless you are serious about taking care of the animal long-term. For an idea about what that means exactly, please read this post. --Heather: ...more
I'm happy to share this news with both Jackson and Coco. They approve...slightly.more

5 Tips on Dog Photography

Editor's Note: Strangely enough, we all seem to own the best dog in the world -- how is that possible? Any dog owner with a camera has tried (sometimes, in vain) to capture the special canine magic in a photograph. Here are five clever tips to help you do just that. --Heather: 2) Wait until they are tired...more

Sleeping With Cats: Comfort, Not Chaos

When she was newly separated, Mary let the dogs sleep on the bed. Much to her dismay, they took over the bed and then got huffy and whiney when she tried to reclaim it for herself. Cats, she quickly realized, are a different story, specifically her own feline, Juliet: ...more

(Micro)chips On The Table: A Pet Reunion Story

Fact: Really, really good dogs are rarely truly lost, as two little girls were about to find out:"This dog was lost and i was certain that if we didn't hang onto her, she would get run over. They brought her in, i mentioned that she smelled sour, they asked if they could use my perfume, i gave her a bath, they called me a control was a beautiful moment. really, it was. and within an hour of having this little dumpling in our home, i realized that she was actually a really, really good dog..."...more