Knotted muscles? Try a muscle massage bar infused with essential oils and go for the gold!

Feeling more like lying on the couch to watch hurling than going for your own personal best? When your neck is knotted up like last year’s failed crocheting project, it’s challenging—to say the least—to get that aching, stressed-out body into workout mode. ...more

Going Green: My Sustainability

Sustainability… We hear this word more frequently as environmental efforts grow and yet many people are not sure what sustainability actually means. I believe it is some sort of an ideal state for a Green lifestyle. I hear about buying sustainable products like bamboo and living in sustainable housing. ...more

Buying your way to green.

I refuse to say I'm green anymore. I feel that the environmental movement has just become about buying stuff. To me the destruction of the environment is based in consumerism and I at times feel that the green movement isn't looking at that. ...more

I think because many of the bigger blogs are owned by marketing companies and people who are ...more

The Second Carnival of Green Crafts!

What do empty toilet paper rolls, plastic shopping bags, old cordoroy pants have in common with a call to ban PVC?  They are all part of the second Carnival of Green Crafts. This new carnival is alternately hosted at Crafting a Green World and other blogs. Submissions right now will be part of the  August 21st carnival at CAGW then the party moves over to Whip Up. ...more

With the holidays coming up way too soon, making some nice gift card holders and recycling? ...more

De-Plasticking BlogHer 2009!

This year's BlogHer Conference was greener than ever, thanks in large part to Zwaggle's recycling our shwag (pic below). Post-conference, I asked if you had suggestions about how we could make BlogHer Conferences even greener -- and got some v. innovative ideas! The conclusion I've drawn from those ideas is twofold: ...more

No idea if this is the case at the conference hotel, but at my apartment complex we just throw ...more

Book Review: Pre-K Books

Book Review: Pre-K Books ...more

Rock. Roll. 'N Recycle.

Lollapalooza 2008. ...more

Simple day really.

There is a storm rippling around us at the moment.  For a while, I was sitting in the almost dark, typing on here, listening to the thunder roll.  Today has been a wonderful day, in which I have felt blessed and loved.  We went to the Environment Day in the Walks, a park near us.  R, AC, Charlie-Paul and his girls.  I made a simple picnic of ham sandwiches, homemade cake, homemade choc-chip biscuits, crisps and squash.  ...more

It's the nature of blogging, I think, that we share the drama. But days like this are bliss and ...more

Still Water

We are all familiar with the wine snob. You know, the ones you go to dinner with and cringe when the wine menu is handed over. They painstakingly look it over, commentating on each and every one that they have tried....."this one is smoky, this one is oak-y"...... well the same seems to have become true for water. Here's a tidbit from a recent article from that discusses just how far this bottled water phenomenon has gone. ...more

The Return of Melamine