Do You Grow Your Own?

Do you like to grow your own fruits, vegetables, or herbs? Do you raise animals that provide food for your family? Do you hunt or forage for any of your food? Are you interested in organic, sustainable practices and seasonal foods? ...more

Educating Businesses on Green Practices

My lifestyle is pretty Green. As I have mentioned in my blog in the past, my home life is almost completely green and when I am out and about I try to keep up my Greeness regardless of who I am with or where I am. The next project I want to take on is educating businesses here in Miami on Greening their operations, specifically the hospitality industry. It is one of the top industries here in Miami and draws me in because of the amount of products they go through daily to uphold their service. ...more

Hooray for women farmers and ranchers!

My partner-in-blogging, Suzanne, wrote a nice piece over at Down To Earth Blog about last Sunday's NY Times Sunday Magazine. According to the piece, even though the number of farms has decreased, there are 80 percent more women farmers today than there were 20 years ago in the United States. In the Northeast alone, women run some 20,000 farms. ...more

Wanna Create Social Change? Be Creative

David Bornstein's book, How to Change the World: Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas, describes the qualities Ashoka looks for in the social entrepreneurs they support through their Fellowship program. The quality that stood out the most for me was Creativity. In the book, Bill Drayton, Ashoka's founder, says that social entrepreneurs need to have two kinds of creativity: ...more

Free Origins Smileage Lip Tint - and it's 95% organic!

From I'm always on the lookout for deals, discounts and freebies on organic, eco-friendly beauty products. If getting a little freebie is the push it takes to get folks to try out something better for them and for the planet, then I'm all over it. ...more

Go Green to $ave Green: How books, tools, furniture and more can cost less, even be free

Back when I briefly worked at a bookstore, the manager once told me that during economic downturns, books still sell nicely. According to him, hard times make people look for brief respites from their money woes -- thus making them spend money on relatively affordable entertainment purchases, like books, DVDs, and CDs. ...more


Make Your Bank Green

The change in lifestyle required to bring society to a more sustainable state for the environment often feels like an overwhelming task, but in fact, small adjustments and simple acts of awareness can collectively contribute to vast changes and improvements. ...more

No matter what others do for our planet and global warming, we can start by protecting it ...more

The answer to our survival is Balance!

Our Common Future is a report from the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development (WCED) and was published in 1987. An excerpt from page 4 reads: "Until recently, the planet was a large world in which human activities and their effects were neatly compartmentalized. ... These compartments have begun to dissolve. ... ...more

Small Travels, Small Travelers

I was picking up some lawn debris in the garden this evening, when I noticed a pack of baby snails had taken up residence in my bucket.  I don't see enough snails to worry about them trashing the place, so I didn't feel it was necessary to hurt the wee beasties.  But I did carefully pull them out of my bucket to observe them for a few minutes. ...more

Confessions from a Newly Greening Mommyblogger

It began with recycling and gDiapers, then all-natural baby care products. Now the green quest is taking over almost all aspects of my life. I'm anxious to start composting, I'm trying to learn about organic gardening, and I have a list of green topics to research. I just can't make changes fast enough. But there are two things that I just can't make greener. I'm addicted to... (click here for more). ...more