That which they call a reusable organic cotton tote bag

So about those cotton tote bags. Own one? Many of you do -- cuz I gave 'em to ya! Tell me this: Is your cotton tote bag 1) organic and 2) made in the US? Because according newest companies selling tote bags made in the US, getting organic cotton isn't cheap. Want both US-made AND organic? Then get ready to pay $40+, they say. Want a bag for under $20? Then you gotta pick between US-made OR organic, not both, according to them. ...more

but I wonder... is there a problem with hemp bags? This seems ok. It's not made in the US but ...more

City Gardens: An untapped opportunity

[cross posted from DownToEarthBlog] There was a very uplifting article in the New York Times this week on inner city gardens. (discovered via Chow). ...more

Elderbloggers Survey and Green Blogs

You remember the BlogHer | Compass Partners 2008 Social Media Benchmark Study: Blogging mainstream, "Reliable" for fun, advice and information study so full of interesting information about how women use social media? ...more

Today's World Fair Trade Day

Hello World Fair Trade Day! Yes, today, May 10, is World Fair Trade Day. And I hope you're reading this before noon (or 3 pm on the east coast) because that's when the World's Largest Fair Trade Coffee Break happens. ...more

Weekly Earthlinks

Cross posted from Down To Earth, my digest links of interest for the week. We're starting a new feature this week: a digest of links I and my partners-in-blogging-crime have come across recently. Many of which we'd love to have featured full-length analyses, but the rest of life intervened. Some are great resources and some are merely intersting. ...more

Ditching the Second Car?

A dear friend of mine is from England, now living in the U.S.  She sat in my living room recently, telling me that one of the hardest things to get used to in America has been the way that people spend so much time in their cars.  In England, she told me, life was centered around smaller villages.  Mothers walked their children to school, because they lived close enough.  They walked to the market, and to church.  And it would be nearly unheard of to drive for 15 minutes to go shopping. ...more

We have three young kids (and carseats) riding in the back of of our
4-door car.  We are ...more

Garden and Produce Safety

When we think of fresh-from-the-garden vegetables, the image we get is the picture of health. Barfblog reminds us that whether it is a 10 x 10 backyard garden or a 1,000 acre commercial enterprise, food safety is still important. Thanks to them for pointing us to the UC Davis Home Garden Food Safety publication list. ...more

Food Miles, Climate Impact and Food Choices

New Scientist: Environment posted about a paper entitled "Food-Miles and the Relative Climate ...more

Recycle Your Shoes: Soles4Souls Seeks Shoes and Donations for Myanmar

Are you a shoe-a-holic? ...more

Very cool!  I need to host a shoe drive for Shoe Smitten.  Thanks for sharing this great ...more

The Jungle Effect: Bringing the world's healthiest diets into your home

We've all read about the Okinawa and Mediterranean diets, usually promoted as weight-loss remedies. But in addition to their slim figures, Okinawans have a very low rate of breast and prostate cancer, while Cretans enjoy a low rate of heart disease. What in the diets prevents these diseases? Could we adopt these diets as our own to live healthier lives? ...more

i think i would like to become a vegetarian. right now, i am trying very hard to be one, but i ...more