Trying to help my family go green. (And I don't mean the moldy food left under the car seats!)

Recently I loaded up my three kids and hit the road to travel from North Texas to Florida. In a van. (Gas guilt much?) When we arrived and I unloaded the van, I was shocked to see the immense amount of trash that we ("we" meaning "they", of course) had accumulated in just 3 days. The only green living was the in the chocolate milk bottle left in the heat. ...more

First, what a great post!  I love reading about moments like these when we suddenly become ...more

Coffee Grounds Perk Up Composting

For those of you who haven't heard about the nitrogen-producing goodness of coffee grounds you can read about it here. This is a great idea for those of you who fear the pathogens in manure. I've been successfully using coffee grounds in my home compost for years! Coffee grounds are an economical soil amendment and it makes sense to keep the grounds out of your garbage! ...more

Breakfast... yay!

I tend to think of myself as a person without routines but the fact is that I have routines, I simply don't like them. I routinely get up in the morning mere moments before I need to leave, and as a result I leave without a packed lunch or having eaten breakfast. I routinely roll into the office at precisely 2 minutes AFTER 8:30, technically making me late. And there are other things, like my routine of rarely doing dishes after cooking, and staying up to watch the Late Late Show with TV's Craig Ferguson, only to be too lazy to mess with the antenna to get the picture to come in. ...more

Gilbert Grape can look after himself, lets talk about my tomato plant.

What's eating Tommy Tomato?! I was inspecting the garden after work today and I noticed that the tomato plant of smaller tomatoes were either getting woody or it was growing thorns. And I said "Tomatoes grow thorns?" No, No they do not.   ...more

Spirituality, Religion and Activism: What's the Connection?

"No matter how many projects and campaigns and initiatives and alliances we set in motion, we won't find fundamental solutions to societal ills until we learn how to approach this work with greater awareness, compassion, and humility." - Seasons Fund for Social Transformation ...more

I completely agree with you bexband.  I just listened to a great interview with yoga teacher and ...more

Local Solutions for Global Concerns ...more

Garden update IV

Garden update IV The eggplants hate me. They teased me with pretty flowers and I said Go flowers! ...more

Is YOUR breakfast local?

This month, our eco-challenge at BlogHers ACT Canada is to eat locally. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, unfortunately, eating locally doesn't necessarily mean eating food that comes from your local grocery store. It means being aware of the sources of the food that is sitting on those supermarket shelves. It means buying food that was grown within 100 miles of your home. ...more

Finding the Women Online (or not) and a Lab Waste video

100 Awesome Webmaster Blogs by and for Women by Jimmy Atkinson showed up as a link to my blog, so I checked it out. I found a list of women's sites that is wonderful in its range. I might quibble with the headline that the sites are "for women" but won't because this is the first such extensive a list I've seen produced by a male writer. ...more

Businessweek was surprised to find an old 2005 article they published on business blogs

Uncorked: Recycling for winos

While enviros have a rep for hoarding all manner of crap for fugly craft projects, wine corks are one of those items that even avowedly non-enviros tend to collect in jars or other clear containers, for reasons that remain somewhat unclear to me (perhaps as a reminder of good times had while slightly tipsy?). So for all of you with a cork stash that's getting too large, here's a roundup of eco ways to dispose of said stash: ...more

I received 1 st loans when I was 20 and this ...more