Big Food vs. Small Food safety

A post comparing airlines and food safety got me to thinking: In general, is large-scale-produced food more safe than smaller-scale production? ...more

Promoting American Energy Independence

Energybloggers is a social networking community dedicated to sharing knowledge and opinions on various aspects of the alternative energy industry.  As such, we invite anyone who embraces the ideal of American energy independence to join us so that we may collaborate with one another in a friendly and knowledgeable community. ...more

Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge: A Bike ride a week keeps the CO2 away, sorta

The Clif Bar 2 Mile Challenge is back! The main idea of the challenge is to make all trips under 2 miles by bike, but this year's message is simpler and easier: Bike Once a Week to Fight Climate Change. Still don't have a bike yet? The 2 Mile Challenge site features a Bike Builder, which lets you, you know, build your own bike -- then sends you a gear list and info on where to get the stuff. ...more

Here is a site that is releasing CO2 to feed the plants that provide oxygen for our ...more

Kermit was right: It's good to be green

Kermit was right. It's good to be green.  But my question is, what took us so long? There's something that's been puzzling me for a very long time.  Ecology. Remember that word? It was hip. It was in the mainstream. People drove economy cars. Caring about the environment mattered. Or so we thought. That was then and this is now. Somewhere in between waiting for rationed gas on lines in the 70's and the current European prices of petrol, America developed amnesia. ...more

Want a greener home? Try these 10 quick tips.

As the result of simply being on this earth, each of us impacts the environment. That effect is commonly known as a carbon footprint. ...more

A Month of Eating Locally

At the BlogHer '08 panel discussion, "What We Believe: Tools for Online Fundraising and Activism", Catherine Connors, founder of BlogHers Act Canada, talked about the importance of using blogs to get people spreading the word about issues they are passionate about, whether they be political, enivonmental or personal in nature. ...more

Conventional Vs. Organic Milk: A great scientific comparison

I ampleased to present this guest post from Terry Etherton, who normally blogs here. This is one of those rare scientific papers that is understandable to the general public and presents accurate information without bias. ...more

Going Green: Greening My Mother

So Mom just left and we had a wonderful time together. Although rather unintended, we spent a good deal of time talking about how she could live a greener lifestyle as I showed her my life in NYC.  ...more

How your BlogHer Shwag got recycled by Zwaggle


Hey Zwaggle -- Thanks for helping US out! Me thinks you should market yr services to SXSW! ...more

How much did you pay for the war in Iraq last year?

Last year, my tax dollars paid for .03 seconds of the war in Iraq. What could that money have provided for, if our leaders had been investing the $133 billion that we paid for the war in 2007 in our own future right here in this country? * 17 Days of health care for an uninsured American * 8 Days of Head Start education for a low-income preschooler * 61 days of renewable energy power for the average home * 3 days of higher education for an Iraq war veteran ...more