An Alter Eco -- or three: An eco-name gets very popular

What is Alter Eco? Those two-words are proving to be popular in the eco-world, with Entourage star Adrian Grenier, fair trade entrepreneurs, and bamboo furniture people all nabbing the title for their eco-product. ...more

Go Green: Baby2Baby and Will Recycle Your Baby Gear

I really love those cute baby clothes, and the cuddly blankies, and all the baby gear; but storing it in the attic or in the basement is probably not the best idea. Instead, why not put together a donation box of gently used items for a couple of great organizations that help needy families. ...more

Clorox: Why are BRITA filters recyclable in Europe but not North America?

  Do you use Brita water filters to purify your tap water or know someone who does? Have you ever wondered what happens to all the used plastic filter cartridges at the end of their lives? ...more

Waiting For Something to Happen

I am making my own cleaning products (hello vinegar and water. And baking soda), or buying some of the Method products. I love the Seventh Generation lavender and mint dishsoap, and IT WORKS too. I especially like the eucalyptus/mint shower cleaner. I also recycling everything I possible can, reducing waste, and going grocery shopping with reusable bags. I ...more

Ninety percent of consumers trust supermarket meat and poultry

A Guest post by Ann Bagel Storck. Reprint of her article in the Daily News section of ...more

BabyGap Safari print crib sheets giveaway!


Charity starts at home

Lately, it feels like there is one disaster after another being reported in the news. Maybe this is the case, or maybe I'm just paying more attention. Either way, it's time to stand up and help others that are less fortunate than yourself. Recently, has joined the BlogHer Network. We are currently raising money for women who are less fortunate around the world. (see right hand column on the blogs site to donate). A combination of the recent disaster press coverage and the blog her ...more

Food Labels Made Simple

Feedstuffs Foodlink (one of my best sources for information for this blog) has sponsored a brochure which clearly defines many of the common food label terms for meat and poultry. ...more

Brain Wash Cycle.

The Spin Zone Today I officially own my clothes washer. They can't come and foreclose on it . I got three things in the mail, one was my bank statement, one was my last bill for the clothes washer and the other was a notice from Shrub letting me know he sent me some cash - Which I all ready knew because I read my bank statement first. Maybe it should have come with a spoiler warning. ...more