Hello Dolly - The FDA Says Cloned Meat is Safe

Yesterday something big happened. Something that will potentially have a huge impact on the future of our food supply. The FDA officially declared that meat and milk from the offspring of cloned animals is safe enough to for the shelves of America’s markets*. What’s more, apparently the FDA is SO sure of their decision that they don’t think it’s even necessary to label these products any differently (despite significant public outcry to the contrary). ...more

Regulatory Games and the Polar Bear, editorial in today's New York Times

I have a friend who is hard at work in the Bering Sea region for World Wildlife Fund. She wrote to me today expressing joy over the publication of today's NYT editorial urging Congress to intervene on behalf of the Polar Bear prior to the sale of large-scale oil leases in prime Polar Bear habitat. I excerpt below: ...more

Quoting an October 2007 Anchorage Daily News report ...more

Become a fair trade activist over a weekend

Conferences happening near the beginning of the year are always bad news for me, a SoCal person. Wherever they're held, chances are, I'm leaving the mild SoCal weather for somewhere cold! After a FREEZING time in Chicago for the 2005 United Students for Fair Trade convergence, I suffered through a less freezing but still extremely cold 2006 convergence in Denver. Last year, I just couldn't bear another cold winter weekend, and didn't make it to the Boston event.... ...more

I think they're getting some money from the orgs involved to sort of subsidize stuff. Plus, ...more

Some of My Favorite Blogs for Women

Oprah Fan Blog (Mine!) Daytime Television Shop Blog (Eco Chic) Female Sex Drive Blog (Like Viagra for Women) Sk*rt (How I found THIS site!) Sexy Golf Clothing (The Tracey Lynn Line!) ...more

Javatrekker: A literary trip for coffee-lovers with a conscience

If you love adventure travel, becoming a fair trade coffee buyer seems like THE way to combine business and pleasure. After all, coffee's grown in the far reaches of many different continents -- and getting to some of these places can require jumping through some serious hoops -- rafting a truck down a river, bumping down an unpaved road, and even going on a long hike chewing coca leaves. ...more

Cranberries -- Healthy Defense

The advice to drink pure cranberry juice for urinary infections has been around for a long, long time. Of course, the pure stuff (very tart) is best. The February 2008 issue of ALTERNATIVE HEALTH arrived this week. A small article in this publication touted this same berry for not only E. coli, and Streptococcus mutans, but also as a defense against H. pylori bacteria. Translated that all means that this little red berry may be very useful on the defense against urinary tract infections, tooth decay, ulers, stomach cancer, stroke and heart disease. That's pretty impressive! ...more

Kiss Naples Goodnight

Ahhh...Naples is known for its incredible tradition of folk songs, and, is the home of one of my most favorite Italian singers, jazz artist, Pino Daniele. But, not only has Napoli inspired arias, folksongs, dance, poets, artists and writers, to make up their own heritage, many artists have set their tunes to lovely Naples by the Mediterranean Sea. ...more

Eating The Ingalls Way

My husband and I recently moved to the country. Well, closer to the country. I've long been inspired by the peaceful lifestyles enjoyed (it seemed to me) by bloggers like Pioneer Woman and Redneck Mommy, and wanted a piece o' that for myself. And my husband, as it happened, wanted a pick-up truck. So we moved out of the city, to a pretty property in a small town within comfortable commuting distance. We did this because we wanted to get out of the city, but didn't want to move to the suburbs. ...more

Back in the late 60's we moved to the country, and later to a farm in hilly West Virginia. We ...more

The search for an eco-friendly towel set

Wanna start the day off green? Drying off with a green bath towel might be a good way to start -- which is why I was pretty psyched to get a nice towel set from Shirts of Bamboo as a holiday present, courtesy of my sister. But let me begin by saying that there are green sides AND downsides to these towels. Lemme explain: ...more

I was fortuante enough to have my local retailers carrying some more

The year of not shopping

Recently, I wrote about The Story of Stuff, the short film that walks you through the origins and destinations of stuff. I am big believer that less is more, and that you can have a very small wardrobe of well-fitting, well-made, well-cared-for pieces and be completely stylish. But this year, it seems, not shopping is the new chic, and frankly, I couldn't be happier about it. ...more

I just found this post through your StumbleUpon, Susan. And this idea excites me to no end ...more