In the last few days of July, Russian twitter exploded with sarcastic and critical tweets about the new plan of Russian government that, supposedly, will help fight contraband. Unfortunately, I am not talking about illegal drugs, weapons and other things that every country fights against importing I have been silently watching the international conflict unfolding during the past year, not really willing to speak up, because I am too cautious of what I say. However, the news that came just recently were the last drop and now I am, just as many other Russians, absolutely infuriated with what is going to happen on August 6th.  I guess that, by now, you have to live on a remote island with no means of communication in sight to not be aware of Russian embargo, put into action a year ago. In case you are a happy oblivious person, you can educate yourself on the topic here. ...more

How Minimalism Is Going to Get Me What I Want Out of Life

There’s something you should know about me: I consider minimalism to be a big part of my life....more

Put the hose down and step away from your lawn? Really?

I am a scientist, sustainability expert and Santa Monica resident. Unless you have been living under a rock lately, the daily news feed is all about the California drought. It has been a 4 year drought, and counting, but I really don’t think most people know that. ...more

Moomin World: The Nature Lover's Theme Park

Moomin World, a fantasy theme park celebrating the Moomin characters created by Finnish author Tove Jansson in the 1940s, is a theme park in a category of its own. Nestled in the beautiful natural environment of a small island called Kailo in Naantali, Southwestern Finland, it features few of the attributes commonly associated with theme parks....more

Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard With These Plants

Hi, friends! I love enjoying my coffee on our back deck in the morning & my after-dinner fruit before bedtime, but here in Austin we have had lots of rain & with rain we get lots of mosquitoes. ...more
I will tell the other bloggers too if you want, other people are talking abou it toomore

The High Line Park: Abandoned Railway Re-Purposed

One of my favorite parks to visit in the city is the High Line Park in the chic Meatpacking neighborhood, made internationally famous by Sex and the City, art galleries, couture shops, exclusive clubs and swanky restaurants. (I used the word swanky, hilarious! )...more

Toothpaste: Making Your Own {Pursuing True Community}

I’m a strange person. I sing The Lion King at the top of my lungs while blogging, my favorite book growing up was Harvard Medical School’s Family Health Guide, and now my newest self-sustainability rampage: toothpaste. This post from The Fewell Homestead Blog convinced me that I needed to make the switch....more

Self-Sustainability {Pursuing True Community}

Recently I got the chance to travel to East Saint Louis with my church for a week-long missions trip. We got to work with the youth of a community center to build chess tables, computer tables, and hydroponics carts....more
Great way to show the inclusiveness of sustainability. It can mean something different to ...more

How to Buy Peanut Butter (Without Plastic)

Chances are, you already know how to buy peanut butter. But if you are like my family who eats enough to justify its own peanut plantation, maybe it's time to rethink that plastic jar full of 'almost-like-chocolate' goodness. So just how can you buy peanut butter (without plastic) or adding to the plastic trash problem? Hopefully, you have a Whole Foods Market or Earth Fare nearby......more