The Bisphenol A Debate Continues: NTP Finds BPA May Harm Babies and Kids

The US Department of Health & Human Services' National Toxicology Program ("NTP") issued its final report on the health risks associated with Bisphenol A (or BPA) on September 3, 2008.  The NTP found "some concern" (a 3 on the NTP's 5 point scale) for effects on the brain, behavior, and prostate gland in fetuses, infants and children at current human exposure levels.  The NTP also found minimal and negligible concern for other health endpoints. ...more

Lighting the Night

It was a late Monday night and I walked a visiting friend to her car. Suddenly, my companion looked up at the clear sky - the stars shimmering against the black night - and inhaled. "Wow, you don't have much light pollution around here," she admired. I had never heard that term before but agreed nonetheless taking in the distant stars and planets. I waved goodbye and went inside, leaving my porch light on. ...more

The Wild Life of Hamsters - Interview from ISBE Conference 2008

The Wild Life of Hamsters - Interview from ISBE Conference 2008 ...more

Urban Wildlife Watch: Voles

Urban Wildlife Watch: Voles ...more

Drill, baby, drill? No, baby, no!

So yesterday, my heart sank while watching GOP delegates hold up signs and chanting the mantra “Drill, baby, drill!” any time a speaker mentioned “energy independence.” Sarah Palin argued that the drilling solution is only a bridge until we build alternative solutions, acknowledging that the US will never have enough oil to sustain itself forever. ...more

How to Host a Clothing "Swap It" Party

Now that Labor day has passed, "that" time of year is upon us again. ...more

Maybe i'm feel unwanted in your project about that  Clothing swap ...more

Green Cleaning

Before your guests arrive at your next party, one would assume there will be a fair amount of cleaning to do beforehand. If you're like me, you are cleaning up to the very minute the guests arrive, most times. ...more

No Virginia, clones are not in the food supply

The first line of the article: "Milk and meat from the offspring of cloned livestock are entering the food supply", but the headline reads "Animal Clones Are in Food Supply" I know newspapers are in the business of selling news and must attract customers to do so, but shame on the Wall Street Journal for grabbing attention with something that is sensational and not actually true. ...more

Green baby products test-drive makes a splash

After hearing other moms rave about organic skin & haircare products, I decided to give them a spin. We replaced all of our baby lotion, baby wash, baby shampoo, baby conditioner and diaper cream with organic alternatives. We’ve been using them exclusively for about four months now. And I hate to admit it, but those moms were right. When it comes to the things you slather on your kiddos, green is the way to go. ...more

The Ultimate Chick Magnet: Being Gas Free

By Gawky Green @ ...more