A Croc Confession

When people started wearing Crocs - the latest couture horror - out in public I thought it was a joke. Or perhaps they didn't have time to change before leaving the garden on an urgent mission to Target to procure more unconscious synthetic crap cranked out with slave labor from the parts of China not covered by carefully-monitored and censored Olympics cameras. ...more

Sorry.  Couldn't help it.  As someone whose life is all about avoiding plastic, I too could ...more

Confessions of a Green Junkie

I admit it. I'm a Green Junkie. That's me. I'm a chronic recycler and a solar freak plus I can kick some organic ass. I grow my own veggies, compost, sleep on organic bedding, use natural beauty products, and I even WORK in the industry, I'm so hooked. ...more

I'd love to see it, but I think there might be something wrong with the code.  All I see are ...more

Fuel Efficient SUV Alternative

So my lease is up and I'm looking for a new ride. Since the Aston Martin doesn't come in a fuel efficient model, I guess I need to keep searching. (As if.) ...more

Time to leave the car keys at home!

When I moved to Northern Virginia from New York City, it didn't take long, sadly, before I joined the driving culture. I found myself getting in the car for every errand, even if it was just a few blocks away. Well, it's amazing what $4/gallon of gas can do to your habits, isn't it? ...more

Will The Next President Do More For The Environment Than Focus on Energy?

It may be sacrilege to say so, but there’s more to protecting the environment than stopping global warming, especially where women are concerned. ...more

I have to agree with Beth.  I think there is alot of focus on global warming and not enough ...more

The Soap Dilemma (1,4-dioxane)

How do I choose a chemical free soap? Which soap is eco-friendly even after I send it down the drain? A few months back, the Organic Consumers Association, reported they tested several detergents and body care products for 1,4-dioxane. They found different levels of this chemical in many natural products and products that report to contain some organic ingredients. 1,4-dioxane has been shown to cause cancer. The concerning part is that the FDA acknowledges this and does not identify any safe level for use. ...more

Sorry about my slow response getting back to comment. I have been on a trip and ...more

Working Title II

Working Some weekends I do so much nothing it's a little shameful.  This weekend I worked. I got up early and I did things. I went to Wallyworld to buy craft supplies and 40 pounds of soil additive, I went to Sam's and picked up prescriptions and nothing else I was very strong. ...more

Buh-bye HFCS, I'll Miss you!!!

Oh, how I would love to say that I will not miss High Fructose Corn Syrup from my diet. But, alas.....I know that not to be the truth. I decided recently that my family (unbeknownst to them) is eating entirely too much crap. I decided (without their input....cause I can't stand whining) that they would be embarking on a HFCS free diet....well, at least 90% of the time. ...more

The future of housing may lie in the past.

We are frequently confronted with life style decisions that can impact our environment, some more urgent than others. One of the biggest decisions we make with regards to the environment is in our choice of housing. ...more

Plant a garden. Save some money. Grow a kid.

I lost Victoria, my mentee, to a foster home this week. Well... I didn't really lose her, but she has moved out of the teen shelter where we gardened together for the past couple of years. Today (for the first time) she woke up in a home with a real backyard. She's over the top happy - Aiden has other kids his age to hang with and Starbucks, her lifeline, is just around the corner. ...more

Love to compare notes as well. With gardening the plot always thickens...more