Money Saving Tips On Hair Care

During these troubled economic times many moms are facing more pressure than usual. Not only do we as moms have to do a lot of budgeting for the household but sometimes the budget includes your personal beauty and hair care.   ...more

Think Before You Pink

While October is National Vegetarian Month, it is better known as Breast Cancer Month. We all know the pink ribbon and these days it is hard to go to the shops without seeing something that has been pinkified. ...more

Hi...Thanks for letting me know about this foundation. Will keep an eye out for ...more

Benefits Of Buying Organic Cotton Fabrics

My Yoga Online - Buying organic clothing is much more than a fashion statement. With the growing need to shift towards greater sustainability, choosing fabrics made from organic cotton and other fibers expands is an easy way to become more green-conscious. ...more

Yoga For the Planet

My Yoga Online - This is a fantastic workshop - I really recommend it. Great info, looks at the issues we face from so many angles and and ties everything together so well. If you are in Vancouver, B.C. go check it out this weekend, definitely worth the time. Yoga For Our Planet A Risk We Should Not Be Taking Saturday, September 27th, 1-4pm ...more

Plastic bags aren't that big of a deal right?

Seems crazy right, something so easy like taking your own bag to the store could make such a huge difference. I knew the difference was big but when I started to research the subject and learned it's a much bigger difference than I ever could have guessed.Studies show 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are wasted every year! 100 billion of those are from the U.S. On average each person uses 500 bags a year. ...more

That's great! Keep up the great work. I have two of those bags as well, so cute. more

Infant Potty Training

Cloth diapering is good for the environment, of course, but how about going for broke and using NO diapers? ...more

Make Tracks Family Trail Weekend

Remember my recent post about playing with kids in the great outdoors? Yeah, I don't blame you. I think it was called something like Take a Child Outside Week. It's not quite a national holiday -- at least not yet. (And Take Your ...more

Wal-Mart aside, organic cotton baby clothes don’t come cheap—or cute. Until now.

We’d love to dress all our children—all the world’s children, frankly—in organic cotton. The production of conventional cotton dumps a whole bunch of unnecessary pesticides and insecticides into the Earth, not to mention the residual chemicals that stay on the fabrics, which we put next to our little ones’ bodies. ...more

There’s Really No Debate About Being Green, Is There?

Both Presidential candidates have to agree on one thing, and that is the acknowledgment that the word “green” now evokes more thoughts than simply “a color” in a person’s mind, but rather "a movement".  We’ve come a long way. But we’re not nearly done yet.  Sure, this movement is a great sign of our current awareness of environmental culture. However, more and more naysayers want us to debate that the “green movement” and recycling is simply a waste of time.   ...more

Why I 'Want' to Go Green

I want to go green but then it comes time to fix dinner and the paper plates are just easier. We're so NOT a green family. We use way too much water, paper, electricity, etc. But, I really do want to do better- and not just 'cuz it's the thing right now. ...more