15 Things I Don't Pay for Anymore

DH and I recently took a hard look at the things we thought we could live without, make ourselves or cut back on. ...more
I love this post! I don't feel so alone anymore! I can't wait to try the green onion trick! I ...more

Read This Before You Give a Bunny or Chick for Easter

Live animals don’t belong in Easter baskets. As adorable as baby bunnies, chicks, and ducks may be, they aren’t great gifts. They require an intense level of care and have life expectancies of up to around 20 years. ...more
Great post! Thank you for educating on an important topic!more

Castile Soap: A Thrifty and Eco-Friendly Choice

If you've visited a natural living or health food store and browsed the cleaning aisle, you have probably seen bottles or bars of castile soap. The most common brand is Dr. Bronner's, and it comes in delightful scents such as peppermint and hemp rose. Just what is castile soap and how is it used?You'll be glad to know that it's one of the greenest, most environmentally-friendly products you can use in your home, and it's a thrifty choice, too. ...more

5 Reasons you should invest with your faith values

When it comes to investment think reinvestment with your faith valuesThere’s been a lot of news as of late about international faith institutions making large transfers of funds in their portfolios out of companies who cause harm to the planet. Although, there hasn’t been a major announcement in the US yet for a faith-based institution, the news is sure to come....more

10 Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Food, Beverages, and Junk Mail

10 Ways to Recycle and Repurpose Food, Beverages, and Junk Mail bySandra C. Fykes...more
I really like idea #2 for creating colorful scrap paper! A little color for a grocery list would ...more