Disneyland Road Trip: Eating Healthy, Organic

Editor's Note: Eating healthy, organic, unprocessed food is an ideal daily standard. But what to do when you (at long last) cave in and agree to a family pilgrammage to the Happiest Place on Earth? A place that serves cotton candy, soft serve and garlic fries? You plan ahead, and you shop. --Heather...more

Upcycled Kitchenware: Fancy Fruit Bowl

Editor's Note: Is there anything more liberating than creating something you need out of used materials than buying something new? Getting the hang of the whole 'upcycling' thing brings constant rewards. --Heather:...more

How to Buy and Sell Furniture on Craigslist

I love Craigslist. I have used it to buy a television and sell everything from a toddler bed to office chairs. Justine's five tips for buying and selling furniture on Craigslist are really good (and have me itching to ditch something new from my house). -Rita...more
Ha, I totally thought this post was about today's Craigslist Furniture Rant on ...more

10 Dumb Pinterest Purchases

Editor's Note: I try to stay the hell off Pinterest most of the time, because it makes me feel slovenly and uncoordinated. So it was with great satisfaction I read The Dose of Reality's list of the 10 dumbest suggested purchases on Pinterest. Please to enjoy. -Rita...more
Okay, the moss bathmat is disgusting, but I have to stick up for fleece lined leggings! They're ...more

Milk Crate Planters

Editor's Note: In time for spring, a creative gardener thinks inside the box...er, milk crate. --HeatherThey are easily made and easily moved. They are great for lettuce, carrots, or any other smallish veggie that is gonna get CRUSHED by the frost and needs to be put indoors. Whenever it gets too cold at our house, I just move them into the garage. Once the frost danger is over? Back outside!...more

On Being Labeled "Poor"

Editor's Note: Do you ever walk into a thrift store and wonder if people in the parking lot think you're poor? Do you think the other people shopping there are? Does it matter? What does "poor" mean, anyway? Kristen from The Frugal Girl has thoughts on the matter. -Rita...more
It is selfish of me, but I have considered myself poor.  As a child there was one Christmas that ...more

Growing Tips For Your Culinary Herb Garden

Editor's Note: Spring has sprung - the perfect time to consider (perhaps for the first time) growing your own herbs. This post offers suggestions and tips for anyone looking to spice up their garden, and their cooking --HeatherIf you’ve never grown your own herbs, it’s something you should consider. There are a variety of herbs that are easy to grow and many that are well suited for growing in pots or planters, so whether you live on a large estate or a cozy apartment, as long as you have a sunny spot, there are herbs perfect for you to grow....more
I love your herb garden! Very pretty.more

Conserving Water for the Garden Season

In preparation for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs this season, one gardener offers her thoughts on saving (and reusing) water for the cause:I got a catchment barrel on Freecycle that I'm excited to use, but I am waiting to use it until we have time and money to alter the gutters. I learned recently that the catchment water can't be used in a vegetable garden because the water that touched the roof is contaminated with chemicals from the shingles. ...more

Beehive Buzz: Welcome Back!

Editor's Note: With a one-week countdown to spring, we can't help but celebrate any and all signs of green and growth in our worlds. In one long squeal, The Force Expansive joyfully welcomes the return of familiar friends and a favorite hobby, beekeeping. -- Heather...more
I am so glad you were Featured, or I would not have been introduced to your fabulous post.    ...more

How to Vermicompost: Employing Worms

If you're interested in composting but challenged with living in a small space, or you'd rather avoid a pile of rotting garbage in your backyard, consider vermicomposting and letting worms do all the work in one enclosed. Also, if you've ever wondered why your cat or dog can't just "get a job already", they may be the ideal pets for you:...more
I'm not sure why, but I find it funny that your worm bin looks so much like mine (also ...more