A Simple Cure for Needless Stuff Lust

[Editor's note -- Often tempted to buy things you don't need? Cure yourself from the lures of advertising and the temptation to try and keep up with the Joneses by adopting a quick, helpful mantra from The Everyday Minimalist. -- Siel]   I've gone so long without it... what's another year? I use it to squash any desire for something (after I really determine that I don’t need it), by saying: ...more

In bloom

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Raising Chickens is Easy they say

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The Hardest Working Pets in Town

Would you define earthworms as pets?  It is probably a stretch to do so, yet I am very fond of the earthworms in my two worm farms. The worm farms take all our 'green' food waste, including vegetable and fruit scraps, tea bags and leaves and coffee grounds, and Read more ...more

Tempeh Goddess Salad

Sunday night Richard’s grandparents (hi Dennis and Jean!) came over for dinner. They’re the meat, potatoes, green beans and a big glass of whole milk kind of people. They grew up in a time where everyone ate what came from their garden and spent the afternoon butchering their chicken Read more ...more

A Baby Raccoon Study

Some of our most exciting lessons, often times turn out to be ones that were not part of my day’s lesson plan at all!  Like the countless opportunities of teachable moments  that pop up throughout every single day for us as parents/teachers, to utilize in educating and guiding our Read more ...more

Home and Garden: The Smell Of Fresh Cut Grass

This is what I love about Spring!  The smell of fresh cut grass.  What I can't believe is that my son is now doing the mowing.  Wasn't he crawling around just yesterday?  Playing with his hot-wheels cars? Building towers with legos? Putting together train sets and playing army in Read more ...more

Try, Try Again: A Garden Post

Yesterday afternoon, I brought in a sugar snap pea for each of the kids to try, fresh off the vine. Conor loved his so much that he promptly took a bowl outside to gather every one he could reach. And then recruited Aiden for the ones he couldn't. The Read more ...more

Make Your Own Green Styling Product for Curly Hair

[Editor's note: Got curly hair -- and have a tough time finding clean, green products to tame your mane? Amy from Tacoma of Green for the Rest of Us has an all-natural, healthy recipe she says will give you nice curls -- minus synthetic chemicals. -- Siel] Homemade failure... and success! ...more