Tone Your Arms by Cleaning Green

[Editor's note: Get those arms bikini-season ready simply by spring cleaning -- with an extra green twist. -- Siel] The Greenest Cleaning Product — Elbow Grease. ...more
I use baking soda to give myself a leg up on major scrubbing jobs but you're right, steel wool ...more

10 Simple Ways to Green Your Pantry

[Editor's note: If you want to eat green -- but don't know where to start -- Lydia Walshin at The Perfect Pantry offers 10 easy tips to get you on the road to eco-friendly dining at home. -- Siel] How to make your pantry a green(er) pantry   ...more

Our DIY CHICKEN COOP made out of an old fence! Plus the chicks have arrived!

We now our Chick Farmers.  Well, not really.  We live in the city.  We own chicks.  We have a garden.  But, the word Farmer is far from what we are.  We have no idea what we are doing.  Does Lucille Ball come to mind?  Yeah, me neither. My hubby Read more ...more

Make-at-Home Organic Cleanser Recipes

Check out these easy recipes for organic super scrubber, window cleaner and dishwasher detergent! -Siel ...more

Slow Roasted Greek Style Leg of Lamb with Lemony Potatoes and Braised Swiss Chard: an Easy Yet Elegant One Pan Easter Dinner

Less Fuss, More Flavor—and lots of garlic and fresh Greek oregano (recipe here). I'm often asked if we eat any of the animals we raise here on the farm, and the answer is yes. We produce grass fed lamb and beef for ourselves and others. To us, there is Read more ...more

Finally! A green quiz for the rest of us

At last! The folks at Practically Green have come up with a green quiz and set of tips that make sense!I've taken several "how green are you?" quizzes (they're all over the web these days), and most of them I find useless. The quizzes tend to fall into three Read more ...more

B Kind 2 Earth Day: Join Me By Promising to Do Something For the Planet!

B Kind 2 Earth Day: Join Me By Promising to Do Something For the Planet! Sure, most of us recycle by now. We diligently put papers, plastics, and glass in the bin and haul it out to the curb every trash day. It’s now second nature to sort and Read more ...more

Making Colored Easter Eggs with Natural Ingredients

Share Our own natural colors Every spring, our kids ask if they can dye some hard boiled eggs for the holidays. We celebrate Passover instead of Easter – but we don’t see this activity as a religious one – merely a seasonal (edible!) activity that we can do together.  Read more ...more

Enjoying Epsom Salts

Sore and tired after a long and exhausting week, tonight I ran myself a hot bath supplemented with a handful of Epsom salts. Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) get their name from from the town of Epsom in Surrey, England, where the salt was first distilled from the springs that Read more ...more

Virgin Toilet Paper

So I'm at the store, in the Health Food Dept. and I see a lovely "Earthy" woman and her son.  I'm checking out the teas to see if something catches my eye in the Tension Reliever catagory and I hear the woman tell her son "No.  They only have Read more ...more