Scalloped Edge Jean Cut Off Shorts

[Editor's Note: Here in Texas I can hardly bear the thought of putting on a pair of blue jeans. Summer heat makes the idea of taking a pair of scissors to your favorite jeans seem like a completely rationale thing to do. I’ll be the first to admit scrappy Daisy Dukes with fringe flying is not a great look for me. However, if my jeans were cut off with a decorative scalloped edge I might be more into this idea. Katy from Sweet Verbena just turned me into a cut off jeans covert. I love the look of the scalloped edge on her shorts. Nothing says yours have to be this short (I know mine won’t be, I don’t want to blind anyone). Also, nothing says you have to use jeans. What about a pair of slacks? Hmmm I’m about to go take a stroll through my pant drawer with a pair of scissors in hand. - Jen]...more
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Help Pick the Winner of Project Recycled

[Editor's Note: Project Recycled is well underway at The T-Shirt Diaries. Four Entrants participate with different weekly challenges to turn something old into something new and improved. The two final contestants this week have worked some serious magic on a couple of men's shirts. Dresses, leggins and turbans were skillfully crafted by the contestants from something that was previously just taking up closet space. It is up to you to pop over to The T-Shirt Diaries and help choose a winner! - Jen]...more
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9 Natural and Non-Toxic Ways to Make Your Home Smell Fresh

[Editor's Note: As someone with a 140lb dog, son in diapers and cat with an indoor litter box I am always on the look out for ways to make my digs smell a little fresher. I’m not a big fan of using artificial chemical filled sprays, I prefer something a little more on the natural side. Needless to say I was thrilled to to find a post on the Crafty Little Gnome about natural ways to scent your home. I am of course partial to the DIY options like making your own sachets, candles and scent sprays. The fewer the toxic chemicals I can use the better for my family and the environment. - Jen]...more
I love the idea of boiling some water with a little oil in it.  Its like scent and humidifier in ...more

Visting An Amish Bulk Grocery

[Editor's Note: It is estimated there are fewer than 250,000 Amish in the United States and Canada. This quiet, private population of people do away with many conveniences of modern life, including electricity, and live simply, often in rural areas. This post takes us on a tour of an Amish bulk grocery store, which is very different from the big chain grocery stores at which many Americans are used to shopping for their food. --Genie] ...more
I shop at the Amish stores weekly for spices, bulk foods, and cheese. I get fresh eggs and milk ...more

On Acquisitions, Consumption and Produce Bags

I am not, or ever have been, a Trekkie. I'm spelling it here with two Ks only because Google made me. That Google is also an aggregator* of Trekkies should not come as a surprise. I would have spelled it with one K, but I guess it follows the same rule as doggie, nutter, and coffee. Anyhoo, at some point in the not-too-distant past, I came across the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, which are a must read. The ...more

Green Summer - Contemplating Plastics


Interactive Map of Global Warming Effects

The Union of Concerned Scientists published the results of much research and data collection in an interactive map. Clicking on the various hot spots around the world map leads you to several things. You see local results of climate change, a link to an action item and a link to a solution item. Interactive Climate Change Map with popup In this example, the ACTION button leads to a suggestion to write a letter to a coal fired electric generating ...more

Amazingly Effective, Nontoxic Fly Repellant

Flies seem to be everywhere this time of year.  I was out at a local farm just yesterday and the flies were very noticeable and quite annoying as I went about my work. Seeing all those flies reminded me of a simple, nontoxic and very effective fly repellant that I observed in action at one of my children’s field trips a couple of months ago. The class was visiting a petting farm with a large open barn where donkeys, ...more

Homemade Mosquito Repellants

Let’s say you’re in your backyard this summer with the family. You’ve just finished cleaning off the grill after a great meal. It is dusk and the kids are using up their last bits of energy before they crash in their beds and you are enjoying the peaceful wind down of a relaxing summer day. Ouch! You look down on your arm and see a swelling mosquito bite and realize you’ve become something of a feast yourself. What can ...more

How to go Paperless

1. Stop Receiving Regular Statements & Go Online Sign up for online bill access & payment by going to the websites of your banks, utility companies or any company that sends you a regular paper statement and see if they have an e-option. Most banks will allow you to stop receiving your standard bank statements and lots of companies will let you check your balances or do anything you need to get done online, but by law there are ...more